1. juco

    Sunset and temps

    Just out of interest whats your sunset time where you are. Me, Central Scotland and still daylight outside (22.25) although officially it states 22.05. Currently we have about 18 hours of daylight. Mind you for nearly the end of June the heating is on, so much for Summer!
  2. T

    Sunset Basko now running Beach Club at Gultan and Basko beaches.

    More options opening up every year in Tuzla. Suleyman is offering free shuttle services to Gultan and Basko beaches, side by side beaches. Looks like he's running the cafe on Gultan his year.
  3. NigelandElaine

    Yalikavak sunset

    from our house last year can any country beat that! NO
  4. T

    Sunset Bar and Cafe in Tuzla

    Anyone out in Tuzla this week? Is ithe Sunset still open? I see Sunset 2 has opened with what looks like the table and chairs from the original. Just curious about the original site and what is going on there. The new one is closer for me, not sure if that's good or bad.
  5. D

    Kadikalesi Villa with sunset views and close to beach

    Peaceful, well-built, fully air-conditioned and well-maintained three bedroomed semi-detached villa on the outskirts (10 minutes walk) of the village of Kadekalesi on the Bodrum peninsula and situated on a 6 villa complex with shared pool. The villa is on flat ground close to the beach and...
  6. D

    Road to Sunset Apartments - Gulluk

    Hi has anybody got an update on the road situation up to the Sunset apartments ie has it got any worse or any better? We are planning a trip and just wondered Many thanks Dave
  7. v6cod

    Your favourite sunset photo of 2013

    Following on from Hijo's recent sunset post, thought it would be nice to see members favourite sunset photos of the year. So if you have one you would like to share please add to this thread. To start the ball rolling here is mine Taken from the Sunset Restaurant near Iztuzu Beach.
  8. Mushroom

    Sunset Apartment, Gulluk, For Sale

    We have owned Sunset Apartment I 7, which is about 2-3 miles outside Gulluk and above the Oba Sitesi for about 4 years. We have never used the place as we have another property nearby and my intentions to let my daughters take control of it for their holidays has not come to fruition as they...
  9. C

    Sunset homes - Sunset Court

    Hi, can anyone advise if its ok to buy an apartment (private sale) on Sunset Court. I have the opportunity but I am wary of what I have heard on sunset homes? what controls do they have over sunset court?? All help appreciated Cici
  10. perfect1949

    sunset island

    last night from my terrace , a few more days and the sun will start going back to winter damn .dave and shirley
  11. M

    sunset bar

    Hi,would anyone have an email address that i could use to contact Suleyman at the Sunset Bar opposite Turqoise?I am a singer and sang there last year but want to see if i should bring my gear over this June again? If anyone here knows of anyplace that puts on singer/entertainers could you please...
  12. bigred

    Bodrum Sunset

    I visted Bodrum Castle for the first time this year, and I can't believe it took me so long to get around to it. There's great views of the town from the ramparts, and lots to see inside. Took this photo, later that night, drinking a beer on the beach as the sun went down.
  13. mollag

    Koyunbaba sunset

    A nice one last night :thumbup:
  14. C

    sunset homes

    hi everyone i am a new member. i wonder if anyone can help me. are sunset homes still trading ? to cut a long story short they have taken money from my cousin and myself under the pretext of selling us avilla this was 6 years ago but no tapu. they have been lying to us and we want to take them...
  15. perfect1949

    i love this sunset photo

    took this last night , dave
  16. V

    Sunset Watch

    The same old story of the infamous developer Sunset Homes being paid for Electricity connection and causing owners several days of their holidays chasing for Aydem paperwork. Simple job, massive obstruction. When will this company TRY to help customers rather than hinder them? Visionon.
  17. E

    sunset owner takes over fcc restaurant/bar

    mr ozmen director of sunset cafe has the contract to run the fcc facilities,hopefully things will improve,cant be any worse than previous attempts,sunset seems decent enough so fingers crossed
  18. J

    Sunset Homes still trading?

    Does anyone know if Sunset Homes is still trading in Altinkum? We have been trying all the numbers we had for their offices/partners in the UK and they are all coming up as unavailable. They are also not answering their Altinkum office phone or any of the usual mobile phone numbers.
  19. Helenm150

    Sunset Village Yalikavak

    I viewed a property on this development today - very nice - monthly site fees a bit higher than I was looking to pay at £90 per month - but includes satellite TV, wifi, shuttle bus, 2 pools and a very well maintained development. Does anyone know the development at all? The agent said that a...
  20. A

    Sunset Beach

    Does anyone know what's happening regarding the management of the Sunset Beach complex by Villa Turizm? We use the same company here in Dalaman and they have given 2 weeks notice of their intention to walk away!!
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