1. bashful

    Sunny Seasider's Birthday.

    May I be the first to wish you many happy returns of the day Lesley. You were good company, I miss you, as I am sure many others here do too. Best wishes.
  2. Freedom 49

    Sunny baby cot/playpen

    I have had this cot/playpen given to me, be sold to help towards food or vet's fees for the Street-cats that we support from our office. It's in good condition, the couple that have donated it used to have it in their beach-side cottage in Kumköy which was let out a few weeks each year to...
  3. H

    Happy Birthday Sunny Seasider !!

    Wow, it's your birthday today - WISHING YOU A VERY HAPPY AND SUNNY ONE. Hilary x:blowkiss:
  4. Struggs

    Happy Birthday Sunny Seasider

    My dear friend Lesley, I wish you a Very Happy Birthday:pressie: and hope you have a fantastic day, I am sure your treasured furry bundle of fun Lucy, will make this a happier day for you. Lots of Love from Diane xxx
  5. S

    Sunny Seasider

    Where is SS these days-Turkey, Bulgaria, Blackpool? Likeabke woman very nice to chat to
  6. S

    Sunny Seasider

    Hi Ain't been on for a couple of years so can anyone tell me is Sunnyseasider still around. Can't seem to PM her. Thanks
  7. kemerkid

    Happy Birthday Sunny Seasider

    Many happy returns of the day Lesley I hope you have a really great and memorable day, I'm sure Larry will see to that.
  8. Yalides

    Contentment on a sunny day.

    Life is good in UK....
  9. Struggs

    Happy Birthday Sunny Seasider

    Many happy returns of the day to my special friend Lesley, a lovely lady, so sorry you are poorly, so not the happiest for you, but hope you can get some enjoyment out of the day. :hug: Diane xx
  10. A

    2 Bedroom Apartment for sale in Sunny Houses

    First floor fully furnished/fitted 2 bedroom apartment, 1 bathroom, with balcony for sale in Sunny Houses. Please private message me with email address for further details and photos. Thanks
  11. Helenm150

    Ibak Sunny Houses - 2 bed 2 bath apartment

    Anyone selling 2 bed 2 bath garden or first floor apartment at Ibak Sunny Houses please can you in box me? Many thanks, Helen
  12. hijo

    Sunny Seasider

    ...... Happy Birthday S.S ,With Many Happy Efes Returns ......
  13. arrian

    Sunny Seasider!!!!!

    Lesley you need to empty your message box Lesley, you need to empty your message box!
  14. arrian

    Sunny Seasider!!!!!

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday for today!!!! Have a great day, lots of fun!!! :474cu::474cu::474cu::52::52::52:
  15. Talkinman

    Sunny Britain

    Just been out with the dog and its another lovely sunny day, The forecasters expect it to last until the end of the week which suits me fine as we travel out to Gulluk on Friday.The temperatures here are comparable to Turkey at the moment but I cant sit on my balcony looking over the Med or...
  16. R

    Sunny Days Properties in Bodrum

    Hello, Has anyone had any dealings with the above Emlak? I just like to know what they are like before I contact them. Thanks people. Ann
  17. B

    Sunny Seasider , 10000 Posts

    Well Missus ., Congratulations on reaching 10,000 posts. Thanks for all the laughs ,and especially your support during recent times . Youre a Diamond ,Love Ya , Bernie xxx:tigger::tigger::tigger::tigger::tigger:
  18. B

    Börek from Sunny

    Hey Guys, i found a new börek receipe on , I just tried it, very tasty. -r- beathe
  19. Yalides

    9000 posts for Sunny Seasider

    Well done Lesley.
  20. suecheshireuk

    Sunny seasider.. Happy Birthday

    Lesley.. I may be a bit off the mark, but I'm sure its your Birthday.... Happy Birthday from us, have a great day. Sue and Anthony xx:474cu:
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