1. M

    Sunflower pool

    Hi de hi campers heading out in may looking forward to meeting old friends and new, just wondering at what date the POOL will be fully operational best wishes to all.john/maryclare. :321oi:
  2. W


    Hi all I was wondering if anyone as any info on the building work thats going on at the front of sunflower apartments.
  3. M

    Sunflower GYM AREA

    Following our visit to the ORACLE office where we had a very productive conversation with Bulent Donmez, we were very encouraged to see the positive progress that is being made in upgrading the leisure area and we look forward to the continued inprovements in this area, many thanks:rockon:.
  4. A

    Sunflower Apartments

    Can anyone help me contact a lady who owns a 3 bed apartment in Sunflower? Her apartment is on the ground floor, to the right of the main gate. I think her apartment is for sale. Thanks
  5. Spurs

    Sunflower only

    Hi all, I have a friend who is looking for a "long term" rental. She is Turkish & works at the Notary Office right by Sunflower, she is not married or has any children. She is a working girl (no not that type) I have known her for a few years & she is honest/trustworthy. She will require a...
  6. W

    busy sunflower

    Hi all we are due to come out to our appartment at sunflower on the 25th august can anyone tell me how busy it is at the mo is it full of kids and so many inflatables in the pool and will i be struggling for a sunbed.
  7. G

    Sunflower apts

    Is this the best site for the news & views of Sunflower apt owners ? And can someone inform me if Oracle have stopped the daily shuttle service to the seafront from Sunflower. Regards Geoff
  8. C

    Sunflower - Long-term Rental

    Hi Sunflowerians (?), Janice has been given notice to leave her long-term rental on Sunflower as the owners want to put it up for sale. She is therefore looking for another long-term rental on Sunflower so if anybody can help, please contact her on For those of you who...
  9. C

    Joe Longhurst - Sunflower A4 - R.I.P.

    It's with great sadness that I'm posting to let those of you, fortunate enough to have met Joe, know that he passed away on Monday. As some of you may have been aware Joe had been ill for some months but fought his illness with great determination and sense of humour. Joe loved his holidays...
  10. M

    Calling all Sunflower Owners

    There are a few of us at Sunflower,who live full time on site,and are concerned that Oracle do not seem to want to do anything about the Gym area ,suggesting that owners should in fact look at spending there own cash on doing it up etc Also the broken sunbeds round the pool should be replaced at...
  11. S

    sunflower rental required

    We are looking for a 3 bed apartment to rent for our friends from 30th July 2010 until 13 August 2010. Can anyone help/suggest websites to look at etc thanks!!:hmm:
  12. T

    Satellite TV at Sunflower apts

    Hi, is anyone else having problems with the satellite service. We followed the rules at the time and paid for satellite TV service (£220 from memory) from Oracle's recommended supplier and the service now does not provide any English speaking channels. Previously we had BBC world, CNN, BBC...
  13. T

    Managing agent for Sunflower

    Has everyone seen this proposal? (My reply comes first, BTW) Hi Doug, I’m not sure that we need to take over the management of the complex. I think that Turkey can be a legal minefield for the inexperienced and that Oracle have both the experience and buying power to get good deals. I think...
  14. P

    2008 visit to Sunflower

    Has anyone been to the complex this year? If so how is it looking? Paul
  15. P

    Roll on Summer at Sunflower

    Can't wait to get out for a bit of sun this summer. We normally get over 2 or 3 times a year but due to work commitments (always get's in the way) we can't get over until August. Has anyone been over recently? How is the complex looking? Paul (E4)
  16. S

    Back of sunflower apartments

    Just got back 16/7 - has anybody got any idea what is going to happen to the waste land behind apartments? We were there at the beginnning of June when digger appeared and flattened all of the land. But when we went back in July there seemed to be more waste dumped on the land?
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