1. A

    Sunexpress Flights for June 2015?

    hi does anyone know when sunexpress flights come out for next june please its to go from izmir to kayseri on 19th june to 22nd june thanks
  2. ZiaCa'

    Sunexpress Flights

    Hi has anyone ever flown with this company or know much about their routes? Was looking at ATM Dalaman last night and noticed a Sun express flight to London, but when I looked at their website, the routes shown are to Germany, Austria and Scandinavia. Bit puzzled.... :hmm:
  3. T

    SunExpress anyone?

    I think that SunExpress should now be flying direct from Stansted to Izmir Has anyone actually done that trip, and if so what was it like? Thurstan
  4. Mushtaq

    SunExpress to Izmir - 29 Euro one way!

    Just booked a flight from Stansted to Izmir for 29 Euro + tax, total £48.96 for one way (the flight back works out a little cheaper because of lower tax) They started the direct flights recently and are flying on Tuesday and Saturdays - prices are very reasonable and Stansted is local to me...
  5. T

    SunExpress - do they exist?

    I had an e-mail notifaction from and thought I would see what the cost of flights would be during the easter school hols. It came up with Stansted to Izmir £95 on just the dates we wanted. Flight times were good - leave at 14.35, arrive at 21.15 and coming back 11.35 to 13.35. A...
  6. T


    Sunexpress has been mentioned on a few threads. I'm booked to travel with them on 7th April now. Has anyone else actually travelled with them? Thurstan
  7. merlin

    SunExpress to fly domestic destinations in Turkey....

    Turkish airliner SunExpress will start flying to domestic destinations from summer 2006. All domestic flights will be based in Izmir. The domestic destinations will be Antalya,Adana,Diyarbakir and Trabzon. According to SunExpress GM Mr.Paul Schwaiger, after a successful launch of...
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