1. John E Rose

    Pub Quiz - Viking Oba - Sundays

    Hi folks I'm re-posting this information with the blessing of our local moderators to which I pass on my thanks for their understanding of my lack of social networking etiquette and protocol skills, being a new member. For Expats of all nations who like pub style Quiz nights, I have found a...
  2. R

    Furniture shops open on Sundays

    Hi guys More advice please . We will arrive in Bodrum at about 2pm on Saturday 18th April we have an inflatable bed and sleeping bags .The apartment is completely unfurnished. Would we be able to buy white goods or beds etc on Sunday,friends have told me they can usually deliver the same day...
  3. P

    sundays carvery at sues yalikavak

    I am trying to book 10 places at Sue " s restaurant - for the Sunday Carvery tomorrow but cant remember the name of the restaurant and cant seem to contact Sue Can anyone tell me WHY this thread with the fabulous menu has been closed ?? and i cant reply to this !! Its most frustrating ...
  4. Andy

    Sundays Joke

    A little boy gets on a bus... A little boy gets on a bus and sits behind the busdriver. As they're driving along, he sings, "If my daddy was a bull and my mommy was a cow, then I'd be a little bull." Annoyed, the busdriver tells the little boy to sit down, but the little boy continues, "If my...
  5. G

    Sundays Grand Prix could raise $3bn in additional revenues

    Turkey gears up to reap financial rewards of a grand prix Daren Butler Reuters ISTANBUL — Turkey hosts its first Formula One grand prix this weekend and believes the event will generate serious money further down the road. Sunday’s race at the $70m Istanbul Speedpark could eventually...
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