1. A

    Clocks change on Sunday in England

    :dooh:By the way clocks go back one hour to GMT this coming Sunday in case you were not already aware... Angela in Side x :255ji:
  2. Camden

    Remembrance Sunday

  3. oldfogy

    Ataturk Boulevard will be close tomorrow (Sunday)

    Don't know anything else except the message just over the street loadspeaker according to the pool man who gave me his translation is that: Ataturk Boulevard will be close tomorrow (Sunday)
  4. 1

    Groupon - Sunday Times Wine Club!!!

    I receive daily deals from Groupon, some are good, some crap, and some are amazing! A couple of weeks ago I received a Groupon for 12 bottles of red wine for £60, retail price £120, needless to say, I bought 12 bottles and it is fab!!! From the Sunday Times Wine Club. Now it is on sale in...
  5. bickern

    Corbayn on Remembrance Sunday.

    The Labour leader denounced the spending of "shedloads of money" to mark the 100th anniversary celebrations of the First World War, which took place last year. His shocking remarks come just a week before Remembrance Sunday, where the staunch republican will lay a wreath at the Cenotaph as...
  6. Freedom 49

    Sunday Sept.6th. Table-Top Sale.

    Just a reminder that we still do the Table-top Sales each Sunday morning at the Flying Horse Restaurant in Side. The local Turkish community support us very well now, queueing up from about 8.30am to come and search out bargains from when selling starts at 9am. I've been given endless things...
  7. S

    Book Sale on Sunday 5th - Bitez

    Dont't forget there is a book sale in Defne Restaurant in Bitez on Sunday 5th from 11am to 1pm. BacktoBodrum: Books in Bodrum
  8. paddington bear

    Protest on Sunday re Dogs Home

    There is a protest this Sunday, 8th February, regarding the horrific conditions at Manavgat Dogs Home, the appalling conditions have been featured in both the national press and on TV. As yet I am not sure of the time of the protest, the venue I understand is at the Dogs Home itself but when...
  9. J

    Where to watch Chelsea vs Arsenal this Sunday?

    Hi all, I'm off to Istanbul Sunday morning for the umpteenth time as I absolutely love it! Trouble is that I also love Arsenal FC and really want to avoid missing out on what should be a great match vs Chelsea on Sunday afternoon. Can anyone please advise me to where I might be able to catch...
  10. U

    A Sunday win for Erdogan

    Seems to be a foregone conclusion that Erdogan will be the winner on Sunday. As US president Bill Clinton said lo these many years ago, "It's the economy, stupid." The Turkish economy has tripled since AK came to power in 2002. AK policies over the decade have improved the country's...
  11. C

    Sunday market in bodrum

    Hi all, I wonder does anyone know if there is a market selling clothes around the bodrum area on a Sunday please ?
  12. K

    Gokcebel "Death Road" Protest Sunday 20th

    **Road Safety Protest in Gokcebel - Sunday 20 July 5pm - 7pm. Meet in front of Kipa ** You may know that there have been many accidents on the Yalikavak - Gokcebel "Death road" since the road widening over last winter. Traffic lights\ calming\ pavements \ safe walking demarcation for...
  13. beyazbayan

    Sunday brunch

    Citirim on the 25m road near AK bank and Oba Ekmek roundabout have a very good open buffet on Sundays. Several ex pats and some Turks turn up it is an informal group no invitation only rules are no stitching and no bitching. Can be any number from 3 to 12 or more. Usually a very light hearted...
  14. N

    Sunday Roast at Hakuna Matata Side

    Every Sunday they are making Sunday Roast dinner and dessert all for 19 tl at the Hakuna Matata restaurant ,cafe bar. Opposite Hanay Suite Hotel. Please contact them on tel: 05304952485 to make your reservation.
  15. kemerkid

    The Sunday debate.

    Well I think we can write this one off.
  16. SLEEPY

    Spot of sunday lunch yali/bodrum

    I fancy a spot of Sunday lunch of the meat and two veg variety in the Yali/Bodrum vicinity. Any suggestions on a suitable establishment to resolve my culinary predicament. Thanks in advance.
  17. kemerkid

    Sunday night.

    So we are still left with an half hour on our hands till midnight, what’s next?
  18. Freedom 49

    Table-Top. Sunday 16th Feb.

    Weather permitting, there will be a Table-Top sale at THe Flying Horse in Side, this next Sunday morning. A flying visit to Kuşadası to complete another sale, enabled me to get into see Mustafa and replenish some of our British Food products that people were looking for last week. Branston...
  19. Freedom 49

    Table Top 19th. Jan. Sunday.

    With my first trip over to Kuşadası scheduled for this Thursday, a sale to complete in the Tapu Office Friday, a visit to our supplier of British foods is planned. All things being equal, I should be coming back down on Saturday, well stocked and prepared for our Table-Topping at The Flying...
  20. B

    Car Hire on a Sunday?

    Does anyone know if you can hire a car in Altinkum on a Sunday? Are the carhire shops open? Thanks.
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