1. J


    I have a villa in Dalyan and we need to buy new sunbeds. Where is the best place to try. Thanks. Jan
  2. S


    Hi sorry i forgot to mention im looking for pads in Kalkan
  3. M

    Price of sunbeds?

    Hi All After having searched the threads on here I can't seem to find anything out about this so can anyone tell me what the going rate is for your bog-standard plastic sunbed? I've been on-line at Koctas and they're 149.90tl there which seemed a bit expensive - or is it? Can I get them cheaper...
  4. O

    Folding sunbeds

    Merhaba, Does anyone know where we will be able to buy folding sunbeds in the Dalaman area. We will be arriving in June, our complex does not have many beds around the pool and we are on the 1st floor so do not fancy carrying our heavy plastic sunbeds down to the pool. Thanks Jeff
  5. B

    Prices of sunbeds on Calis Beach

    Hi folks,,,visiting Calis Beach for first time in September.Was wondering what the cost of sunbeds were last year on the beach. Thanks Bob.
  6. B

    Has anyone got any Sunbeds for sale

    I am looking for 2-3-4 sunbeds? I like the ones that have a stripe canvas mesh (usually blue or green with the metal frame the same colour) and they have two handles which either let you sit up or lay down (they don't let you lay flat). If none of this type is available, I am interested only...
  7. Z

    No Sunbeds at büfe's

    I've just had a TxT from a friend out in Marmaris who has told me that the Mayor has stopped all of the Bufe's having sun beds on the beach? Can this be true? Would have thought that the beach guys pay a good rent to have the sun beds behind their stores?
  8. O

    Sunbeds required ....

    Hello I have an apartment in Ovacik and wish to purchase a couple of sunbeds with top covers. Does anyone know where to purchase some and what price they would be .... cheers.
  9. B

    bunkbeds and sunbeds wanted

    any one selling bunkbeds and sunbeds in the Bodrum area and can deliver them to me and are in very good condation and are very very cheap please contact me am i asking to much floks or what :dance::animation:33:
  10. steve & sue

    White plastic sunbeds for sale

    I have 4 white plastic sunbeds for sale, located in Turgutreis 45TL each or all 4 for 160TL. Buyer to collect. Please PM if interested. Thanks
  11. M


    Hi We have a property on Turquoise and wondered if anyone could recommend a place where we could buy sunbeds. Heard there was a hotel retail shop near Artev but dont know the name. Can anyone help. Thank you:28:
  12. R


    What is the average to pay for a sun bed on the beach ,Turunc is 3 Lira 50 per bed?
  13. R


    How much are they to rent per day Marmaris,Icmeler, Turunc thet 3 Lira per day? What would happen if I bought one took it to the beach every day ?
  14. lottie8888


    Right i know they are bad for you and people will prob laugh at me as this is a hot country but the people that live here know how chilly it is at the mo and as im totaly pasty and white :( does anyone know of anywhere that have sunbeds and i dont mean the kind u lay on by a pool! I really need...
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