1. B

    Wanted used sunbed in good condition

    Has anyone got a 2nd hand white sunbed for sale, if so, please PM me with price and a photo. Thanks
  2. the bueman

    Fold up sunbed come beanbag without beans

    Anyone have one of these.....look
  3. suzyq

    Brothers stabbed in Bodrum over sunbed

    Two British brothers were attacked by a knife-wielding holidaymaker in a row over sunbeds at a five-star hotel in Turkey. Danny and Ben Slade, from Ashford, Surrey, were left needing hospital treatment after the incident during a family break at the Isis Hotel and Spa. The row broke out after...
  4. S

    Sunbed pads

    Hi does anyone know if there is anywhere i can buy pads in town for the loungers on the beach or does the Kleo bar rent them. Cheers
  5. P

    Sunbed Situation

    Hi all When I was out last summer I was having to get up around 6.30am to secure some sunbeds around the pool. Has it been the same this year? We are coming out for 2 weeks at the end of this month and I would rather buy 2 beds and write the apartment name on them, or even carry them to and...
  6. Lindy

    Sunbed towels

    I am looking for some towels for our sunbeds. They obviously need to be long - longer than normal beach towels, especially as I would like them to be fitted at at least one end - i.e. tucking underneath like a fitted sheet. Has anyone seen any for sale in the Fethiye or surrounding areas? I had...
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