1. A89

    The sun still rises......

    Thought you might like to share the sunrise in Sutton on Sea.....
  2. bickern

    The Sun records a loss of £68m

    The Sun recorded a loss of £68m last year amid falling print sales and the enormous cost of phone-hacking claims against its parent company from figures including Sir Elton John and Heather Mills. Rupert Murdoch’s News Group Newspapers, which publishes the Sun and retains liability for the...
  3. bickern

    The Turkish Sun - Offline

    Anyone know why The Turkish Sun is down This page ( is currently offline.
  4. christella

    sun holiday tokens

    if you want to collect the tokens DONT!!! get them here
  5. I

    Wooden sun loungers

    Can anyone recommend a place to buy ready made wooden sun loungers in Fethiye please? Hard wood only.
  6. B

    Sun shades and bamboo roll

    Hello folks, We need 3 new sun shades ans a 5 *2 metre roll of bamboo which we are going to get from the gypsies just outside Ortaca. Any idea of the prices? Any help would be apprecited before we enter into negotiations! Thanks in advance.
  7. christella

    sun holiday codes

    Bonus code - MORE 9th January - COOL 10th January - MOON 11th January - DOTS 12th January - FINE 13th January - TRIP 14th January - BAGS 15th January - WINK 16th January - FIZZ 17th January - B9T4
  8. mollag

    Oh Oh!The Sun again.

    What is it about the Labour leader that causes all the ridicule and name calling from our right wing tabloids,and yes, even the lies. They were never this vicious in past years imho. There seems a desperation to demonise the guy in the fear that people may listen and agree with him maybe?:hmm...
  9. B

    sun loungers

    Any one were best place to buy sun loungers and cushions also water coolers cheers billy
  10. Spurs

    Off to prison in the sun !!!

    There's your foreign aid.................... UK to build £25m Jamaican prison - BBC News You just couldn't make it up.
  11. N

    Soul in the sun

    Just to let those interested know there will be a 2nd Anniversary evening of Northern Soul & Tamla Motown from 7.30pm on Sunday 30th August 2015 at Riverside Houses (next to BC Spa) Lovely wooden dancefloor & special priced food & drink available. These evenings will be running every Sunday in...
  12. S

    sun tan lotion

    Can anybody tell me if suntan lotion degrades over time as in using last years stuff. I imagine on the bottle it gives a best by date but being cynical about these things it could be a ploy to buy new. would be grateful for a educated answer ty.
  13. L

    Best place to by quality sun beds for tall users

    Just taken up a 12mth rental but need to supplement existing sun beds with one or two quality beds for larger 6ft 4in man. Where is the best place to buy these at reasonable prices. Also need sitting room lounge chair with high back...second hand will do. Staying in Dalyan Cheers Lockwoodman
  14. HelenSnowball

    The Sun Military Awards

    am trying to watch these awards on ITV, but I seem to have something in my eye... Think it must be something to do with the onion I chopped on Sunday, can't think of another explanation.... Well done lads and lasses, you're the bravest in the world.
  15. A

    sun express

    hi does anyone know if flights with sun express from izmir to kayseri run on a friday and a monday been on sun express flight but not out yet for 19th june to 22nd june 2015 thanks x
  16. P

    A Place in the Sun magazine

    I wonder if you can assist with a feature I'm writing for A Place in the Sun magazine? I'm looking for ideally a couple (British) who are considering a property purchase in Fethiye, or any other resort in Turkey - second home or somewhere to live. It's for the magazine's property hunt feature...
  17. mamish

    Turkey's Sun King

    Turkey?s Very Own Sun King | Palestine Chronicle :25: Says it all! :(
  18. SLEEPY

    House of the rising sun!

    I notice that several members are limbering up in preparation for their annual pilgrimage to Turkey. But what trials and tribulations await as the door of your dwelling swings creaks open for the first time since last year. Will there be water or electric, may be you have been blessed with a...
  19. L

    Sun Transfers

    Hi. Has anyone had experience of this company for a transfer from Antalya to Alanya please? I have booked with them for our journey next week following a disasterous tranfer earlier in the year with Resort Hoppa. Many thanks :Flower:
  20. Jaycey

    Why men should always wear sun glasses

    Why men should always wear sun glasses ..
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