1. I

    Summer concerts in Side/Aspendos

    Hi does anyone know where I can find details of any summer concerts in Side or Aspendos?
  2. S

    Free Summer house with a dog.

    When the schools finish at the end of June we pan to go away for about 2 months. We have a village house with a garden in Selçuk town. I have a fluffy terrier dog too. The idea is that you get the house for free and in return look after the grass and the dog while I am away. Perfect for...
  3. A

    Belfast to Antalya and to Dalaman direct next summer

    Jet2 will be flying directly to Antalya and also to Dalaman from Belfast once a week in June and July 2018 .. see here ... x Angela in Side x :3:
  4. D

    Looking for an Internship/research opportunity

    Hello all, **This is my first post in the forum so if I am not following the rules by posting this please let me know.** I am an Electrical/Electronics Engineering Major in Antalya Turkey. Considering that this is my final year before I graduate, I am looking for an internship or a research...
  5. ted j

    British summer time

    Just got off face time with our family in the UK It is SOOO much easier with just the 2 hours time difference Can anybody give a proper reason why the stubborn UK won't ditch the "put clocks back-put them forward again " rubbish? One of the arguments was that kids would be going to school in...
  6. D

    UK Summer Time.

    REMEMBER - UK Summer Time is Tomorrow at 2am THIS Sunday the 26th of March.
  7. B

    Easyjet Flights for Summer 2017 are now online

    I have just booked my easyjet return flights Bodrum/Liverpool for July-August 2017, cost £114 per person.
  8. bickern

    Summer time all year round

    I have to admit that this evening was pleasant with not losing a hours daylight, so I am all for the change in practice of following the UK. Having the UK watershed at midnight is a bit of a pain though so hopefully we won't loose TV catch up.
  9. Yalides

    Villa/apartment summer 2017 rental

    We are looking to re-visit Yalikavak next year in Sept for 2 weeks and are looking for an apartment/villa which could accommodate 4 people (ideally 2 bedrooms), within 1 level mile of the village. Pool use would be ideal. Many thanks. Di (Mrs Yalides)
  10. U

    Long term letting over summer

    Hi everybody I'm looking for a long term let over the summer (and possibly beyond) . A house is preferable to an apartment . With proximity to the Marina if possible . A family of 3 (my two elderly parents and myself ) . TY in advance for any suggestions
  11. bal canavar

    A Turkish Summer Dream

    Worth a look 15 incredible UNESCO sites you didn't know were in Turkey 15 incredible UNESCO sites you didn't know were in Turkey A Turkish Summer Dream - YouTube
  12. T

    TC flights from Belfast to Bodrum this summer

    Anyone from NI out there. Just noticed a couple of very cheap flights: (no baggage included) BJV - BFS 3rd May £13.00 and again BFS - BJV 19th Sept £47.00 Hope they are useful to someone.
  13. M

    Bodrum Tourist situation this summer?

    Hi there. With all this regional issues going on, what is Bodrum's tourist situation likely to be this summer? I come there every summer, keen to know if tourism is doing ok. I know from my home country no tour operator will bring tourists there next summer whereas last year most of them still...
  14. G

    Easyjet for next summer

    June to September 2016 flights are released on Thursday this week - often the time to grab a real bargain! This Thursday - the CHEAPEST time to book millions of Easyjet summer 2016 seats? It seems odd to be talking summer 2016 before we've got to winter. Yet there are a couple of urgent...
  15. G

    Easyjet summer 2016 flights ?

    Hi everyone, does anyone know when Easyjet release their summer2016 flights to Bodrum ? I read somewhere it was early oct so I'm assuming it could be any day now, thank you in advance
  16. V

    First signs of Summer!

    Glad to report that our first family of storks arrived down our lane today. It always feels like Spring and Summer are just round the corner when the storks return from their winter sunshine break in Africa!
  17. M

    Summer rental Marmaris

    Hi Looking for rental property 1 June -4 October 2015. Marmaris area. At least 2 bedroom, anything reasonably priced will be considered. Thanks in advance
  18. D

    Pegasus Flights Summer 2015

    Peagasus flights for Summer 2015 now on sale :)
  19. Rabbitman

    Summer 2014

    Hi all, Mrs Rabbitman has already been out for 2 weeks and I've just joined her. Still playing our 'spot the cloud' game even though it is a bit tedious with nothing day after day after day. The only bugbear is the water shortages! Apparently we are on phased shut downs, so we are without...
  20. A

    apartment for sale summer breeze

    wanted for Client Hi i am looking for a 2 Bed apartment on Summer Breeze 3. prefer Phase 4 if any body selling can you email me thanks
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