1. K

    A Suitable presidential candidate?

    In my opinion I reckon this one out-trumps Trump.
  2. S

    finding suitable job in turkey

    Hi friends , my husband and I living in Iran , he is an experienced man working in national gass & oil projects of south of Iran (persian gulf ) for more than 10 years. we decided to get turkey resident through buying property in turkey, but as I heard, it does not involve work permit. my...
  3. A

    Can't find suitable rental property

    Hi I'm having trouble finding something suitable to rent we are looking just to rent for the season from the 1may till end of sept. we have been looking on the net but can't really find anything suitable there seems to be plenty in didim and Altinkum but can't find much in Akbuk. We are looking...
  4. H

    Not suitable subject for humour?

    Should some subjects be avoided by comedians? Frankie Boyle: Down's syndrome jokes provoke victim's mother | Mail Online
  5. Lindy

    Luxury car or transport suitable for weddings

    Does anyone happen to know of a car or other means of transport that would be suitable for getting a bride to the wedding venue? (Fethiye area)
  6. murdo

    homes suitable for winter living

    Just wondering if complex homes do/don't tend to come with heating pipes pre-installed? Is it generally only villas that have chimneys for wood stoves? Our main holiday periods are February and Sept/October, so complex/small communities of apartments have some potential security...
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