1. M

    News UK New Food Tax

    I hear today that the government is considering a new tax on food - that is the foods that contain sugar and salt. I assume this means already processed foods, which must therefore include bread. This tax is supposed to put money into the NHS to deal with people needing treatment for having...
  2. arrian

    Spoonful of Sugar?

    this story has reminded me of my mother using sugar and soap poultices when i was a child, so nothing new really, but as i have had yet another fall, grazing my knee yet again, i'm going to give it a try. i'll let you know the outcome! Pouring granulated sugar on wounds 'can heal them faster...
  3. Helenm150

    Sugar for jam making

    Can anyone tell me what type of sugar (name) is needed to make jam - the type with setting agent in it? Many thanks, Helen :wow:
  4. S

    Demerara sugar

    Is demerara sugar available in Turkey?
  5. Modgirl

    caster sugar

    Please can anyone tell me if you can buy caster suger in the Altinkum area as I can't seem to find any ...or maybe it comes under another name. thanks Linda..xx
  6. qwerty

    Can You Get Icing Sugar in Turkey??

    Have you seen it for sale? What is it called? Where can you buy it? Any help anyone? I keep thinking about when it comes to decorating cup cakes and birthday cakes - if I can't get it, what will I do??? Cheers.
  7. arrian

    sugar and cancer

    i found this article interesting. Diets for Cancer Patients |
  8. Lyndsey

    Muscovado Sugar

    Does anyone know where I can buy Muscovado sugar (dark bown) from? I've never seen it in Migros, they only seem to have white or demerara.
  9. John O' Dreams

    Sugar more dangerous than smoking

    Cardiac expert says sugar more dangerous than smoking Sugar is a “drug” that is more dangerous to health than smoking and elevated cholesterol combined, a leading cardiovascular expert has told an international conference in Galway. Centenarians who are free of cardiovascular disease usually...
  10. Rainbow

    Lavender Sugar

    I have been sent some Lavender Sugar (as well as some Crunchie bars yum yum!). I,ve never heard of Lavender Sugar before. Has anyone any tried and tested recipes I can try? I had a quick peek on the internet and have found a couple of cookie recipes but that,s about it. Soo x
  11. SonnyJim

    Caster Sugar

    Well, now we all know (thanks to KKOB) that we can get self raising flour here, is there a teeny weeny chance that anyone has come across caster sugar???:bowl: I can only find granulated and icing sugar.
  12. S

    sütlü, şekersiz - with milk, no sugar

    Now this is a phrase you can easily use when somebody ask you if you want coffee or tea, and it will make a good impression - sütlü : with milk - sütsüz : without milk - şekerli : with sugar - şekersiz : without sugar (in şeker, the emphasis should be on the last part of the word : şeker)...
  13. ZiaCa'

    Icing Sugar

    I'm planning to (attempt to) make fairy cakes with some Turkish kiddies, I've got my Barbie sprinkles and baking trays.... does anyone know if icing sugar is sold in Turkey please, to save me bringing that too?!
  14. B

    Brown sugar, rich and dark....yummy!

    hi,I wondered if anybody has found any brown suger, the kind you make fruit cakes with or steamed fruit puddings.... mmm going off into a dream here.. I have looked around Migros, Tansas and Carrefour but haven't seen any. I did find the cube kind for Turkish tea, but I'd prefer the darker...
  15. Gill

    sugar bayram holiday what will be shut?

    just back from 5 very lovely lazy weeks in Yalikavak and thinking ahead to october Over with family from 21 to 28 oct and it is sugar bayram oct 23 to oct 25 (3 days) so what will be open and what will be shut -restaurants? bodrum castle? ephesus? markets? Does anyone know? Cheers Gill
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