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    Suffix -sız/-siz

    The ending " sız,siz,suz,süz " that change SOME nouns into adjectives tuzsuz ---> tuz [salt] + suz [ without ] ----> without salt [saltless] şekersiz ----> şeker [ sugar] + siz [ without ] ---> without sugar [sugarless] kokusuz ---- > koku [ smell,scent ,perfume] + suz [without] -->...
  2. v6cod

    A Turkish Suffix Dictionary Online

    Just found this whilst googling it may be some help while learning turkish
  3. shirleyanntr

    todays word/s uses the suffix en/an..

    İf you want to be understood or give more meaning to what you say then you must get familiar with and use the suffixes…doesnt matter how large your vocabulary without using the correct endings you wont be understood. Here is a simple explanation of a suffix in constant use. Using the suffix...
  4. shirleyanntr

    todays word is the possesive suffix

    one of the difficulties for me was getting my head round the ownershiip suffix in english we would say yusuf's house or Ali's car Turkish does it like this
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