1. bickern

    First woman Red Arrows pilot quits suffering from stress

    Bearing in mind this is a DM article I don't necessarily take it as gospel, but if she, as a fighter pilot could not function because two fellow pilots were killed then perhaps she is in the wrong job. What if her fellow pilots had been killed in action. "A defence source said: 'Not many...
  2. Mushtaq

    Ladies, do you suffering changing room rage?

    Women suffering changing room rage Sunday, 17 April 2011 Three-quarters of women have admitted to suffering from 'changing room rage' There has been road rage, trolley rage and even funeral rage. Now there is a new type of fury apparently sweeping the country - changing room rage. According...
  3. shazyboy

    For Those Who Are Suffering From Hair Loss

    Gotta watch this folks from start to finish. I am victim of hair loss & im at the age of 32 with fine thin hair and my front hair line has considerably gone back from the sides. So what do you think guys..should i go for it??? (Hair replacment system). YouTube - Movie Hair System New Roots Joe's...
  4. bobthenob

    The Causes of Suffering

    Have you ever thought why there is so much suffering all around us and no matter how hard you try it just seems to escalate even further,where you have convinced yourself there is no light at the end of the tunnel.And every time something bad happens,God is always blamed for the atrocities in...
  5. A

    God and suffering

    I was brought up and Confirmed as a Catholic and I suppose that I am a believer. I was in Antalya this week and I was sitting in the cafe associated with St Paul's Church(they have wireless internet). I overheard a conversation that because they believed and trusted in God all manner of good...
  6. K

    Long suffering wife of Kofteman

    Hello all, I am the long suffering wife of Kofteman, and here to put the femail perspective over. It's quite true about his yorkshires, as he does most of the cooking anyway. I am a "tradeswoman" and am time served painter and decorator and interior designer. Yes we are enjoying our life here...
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