1. B

    Sentenced to Death in Sudan.

    Sudan plays down death sentence for apostasy - Middle East - Al Jazeera English Surely this sentence will not be carried out. Bill.
  2. John O' Dreams

    What About Sudan?

    Scale of killing in Sudan outweighs that in Syria but it goes almost unnoticed OPINION: The world does not seem very interested in ongoing atrocities by the authorities in Sudan, writes NICHOLAS KRISTOF As Sudan tries to bomb and starve the Nuba people into submission, it faces an unlikely...
  3. T

    Teacher in Sudan freed

    I made a point recently that in my opinion the English teacher was silly by her actions but now she has been freed following a visit of two senior Muslims from the UK. What a wonderful result for commonsense but more so for the Muslim community in general. I think for moderate Muslims to have...
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