1. IbrahimAbi

    French success

    French inventor Franky Zapata has made the first-ever successful Channel crossing on a jet-powered flyboard. rance's military has also sought to develop the technology for itself, and recently gave his company, Z-AIR, a €1.3m ($1.4m; £1.28m) grant. (Sceptics were quoted saying that this would...
  2. D

    Finally, Success at Turquoise

    Three weeks ago Turquoise finally had it's first successful meeting in it's three years of opening. A Board of Directors (2 Homeowners, 1 appointed builder rep) and a Board of Auditors (3 Homeowners) were elected at the EGM. The homeowners had over the required legal 51% (261) majority to elect...
  3. A

    Residency visa success

    Got our blue books today. 2 weeks 2 days to receive. Glad it's over. Noticed polis station was always busy dealing with applicants when we were there. Quite a thriving trade.
  4. Squeaky

    True, eight years of AK Party rule is a success story, but...

    Good afternoon: I know that there are a number of members who will not like this post because of their personal dislike for Mr Erdogan however if one looks at the information contained in this article one must accept that Turkey is a much different country today compared to what it was when Mr...
  5. gerald

    Tapu Success for Orphanage

    By SELCAN HACAOGLU from Associated Press Nov 29 2010 Turkey gives orphanage to Ecumenical Patriarchate The spiritual leader of the world's Orthodox Christians was given back the deed to a historic building on Monday in a move hailed as a symbolic but important victory for the formerly dominant...
  6. V


    hi, i am submitting this story with a little bit of trepidation as the company i used to buy my property was sunset homes and from reading some of the threads on here people get suspicious of threads to do with this company when the contributor is new. i can assure all that the only reason that...
  7. ceemac

    Official British Press Trip to Northern Cyprus a success

    Seda Consulting is delighted at the positive response from the British media following an organised trip to North Cyprus on behalf of The North Cyprus Developers Association and Property Sun Turkey Limited. The trip was organised to highlight the beauty and diversity that North Cyprus offers...
  8. teosgirl

    Atom smasher success

    The world's biggest "atom smasher" has moved closer towards locating the "God Particle", after colliding protons at three times the energy previously achieved. Large Hadron Collider Has Success At Last As Protons Collide At Three Times Previous Energy Levels | Technology | Sky News Well at...
  9. gerald

    Turkish guy's success story

    From Hurriyet 28th July Things worked out well for this guy, I don't actually know the place but will make a point of dropping in on next visit. Its nice to see people succeeding.
  10. D

    Lets make a success at Yasmin Gardens

    Hi Everyone, Finally joined the forum. We recently spent two glorious weeks at our apartment in Yasmin Gardens (June/July) and spent many hours talking with the builders, their on site managers, and of course Darlene. What a wonderful location we have, with sunsets to die for. We are indeed...
  11. gra

    Turkish postal success

    Hi Good news today for the wife, the clothes ordered from joe browns in the uk online, arrived after 3 weeks, at a cost of only £7.00. Not sure about returning if any problems ? But still very pleased.
  12. R

    3rd Quiz Night - Success

    Thank you to everyone who attended the Quiz Night on 14th January. A total of 650YTL has been raised for a very worthy cause. The receipient has been overwhelmed by the support received. I'm sure we all wish him well and hope to see him out and about in Dalaman very soon. Thanks once again...
  13. R

    Quiz Nite 17th December - Success

    Big Thankyou ou to all who attended the 2nd Quiz Night. We raised 165YTL for the animals. The consensus on the night was the money raised be used to buy food for the stray dogs that are under the care of Turkan Dagdelen. Sally (Skiddly)has kindley agreed to buy the food and present it to...
  14. R

    Quiz Night - Success

    A BIG Thankyou to everyone who attended the first Quiz Night in Dalaman. A total of nine teams took part in the quiz and 230YTL was raised for the Dog Welfare Centre. Everyone had an enjoyable evening, win or lose. The winning Team was '3 Homes Muir' with 30 points out of 35. The Belediye Vet...
  15. Mushtaq

    Business success stories of Turkey

    Let's have some positive stories of doing business in Turkey.
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