1. Harem


    Subject: AUSTRALIAN TELEPHONE GREETING Wouldn't it be amazing if this was to be introduced in the UK and USA ? This is the actual message you get when you phone the Australian social services/benefit office! 'GOOD MORNING, WELCOME TO "CENTRELINK" THE AUSTRALIAN SOCIAL SERVICES AND BENEFITS...
  2. juco

    UK retail park subject to sharia law!

    What will be next?
  3. S

    VERY contraversial subject!!!

    Well this thread isnt-but we do need something a bit spicey on here folks as TLF seems a bit dull currently with pides prices and where to buy clothes pegs being as feisty as it gets. Come on, snap out of "Last of the summer wine" mode and lets have a good tear up!!!
  4. H

    Not suitable subject for humour?

    Should some subjects be avoided by comedians? Frankie Boyle: Down's syndrome jokes provoke victim's mother | Mail Online
  5. ceemac

    Whilst we're on the subject....

    Okay, I know you're all fed up with the subject of spelling etc, but me being the saddo I am have collated a few funny (in my opinion), TLF thread titles over the past few months. These are not meant to embarrass anyone, some are just typo's, they're just a lighthearted look at a current...
  6. lynnmcl

    Subject: monkeys!

    A lorry driver breaks down on the M6 with a cargo of live monkeys on board, bound for Chester Zoo. They need to be delivered by 9:00 am and the driver fears he will get the sack if they don't get there on time. He decides to try and thumb a lift for his monkeys and eventually an Irish...
  7. T

    Not a nice subject?

    Really dont know where to post this one. Last night i sat down and watched a recorded programme. İt had been shown on show tv turkish channel tv two nigts ago. very similar to to rodger cook.under cover investigating. They shown in and around bodrum. youngboys being bought for sex. By what i...
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