1. O


    Hello ! Did you stop to add sub-forums? or is there a difficulty to add the one I have requested? or may be to much to do ! just keep me informed. Thank you. Have a nice week-end ! Martine
  2. R


    Hi everyone, I have used this site for quite some time now and I have met some great people and been given invaluable advice. We have a house in Dalaman, we used to look forward to any posts on the Dalaman 'forum', however, now the forum has been sub-divided into several 'sitesi' forums even...
  3. Mushtaq

    New subforums added

    I have formatted the forum display a little better and also added some sub-forums for developments and complexes in Akbuk, this I hope will make it easy for members to find and post information in the appropriate forums. I would like to do the same for other areas too, so if you would like a...
  4. lorraine

    2 New Subforums opened

    We have opened up 2 new sub-forums attached to the Buying Property forum, they are; Tapu/Dask/habitation certificates Buying cost Click Here With so many new members joining the forum and so many questions re Tapu (Title deeds) Dask (mandatory Earthquake Ins) and Habitation Certificates...
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