1. immac

    Old Style Licences

    Old style Turkish driving licences need to be replaced before end of this year, I am told. Replacement is only 15TL, but of course the rigmarole to do it includes medical, police check and photos. Ian
  2. mollag

    Riverdance Muslim style.

    Islam discovers Chas & Dave, gawd bless em .
  3. Jaycey

    Terminator – Zaporozhye style!

    "He’s a real life Terminator! Man brushes himself down and walks away after being run over by a van as he hung from the back of a trolleybus to avoid paying fare… Watch a Ukrainian brush himself down after being run over by a van | Daily Mail Online PS the maximum trolleybus fare here is about...
  4. simpsons

    Spot the ball. Iranian Style

    Seems these footballers want to swap their tackle for a tackle on the field. Eight players of Iranian women?s football team are actually MEN awaiting sex swap operations* | Daily Mail Online Any comments from Firefox, our resident Iranian football pundit?
  5. kemerkid

    Trivia TLF style

    Knowing TLFs love of trivia I am surprised that we have not already seen a thread dedicated to the new born baby Charlotte. Shouldn't we all be in full blown fawning mode by now?
  6. L

    Bungalow Style Villa For Sale in Yesiltepe

    The bungalow is situated on the side of a hill surrounded by Olive trees and has panoramic views of Yesiltepe on a 750m2 plot. The villa is currently fully furnished, the floors are all trevistine. The master bedroom has a super king size bed with solid pine wardrobe, and tall boys, with bed...
  7. T

    North Korean Style

    It is reported that the North Korean "Government" has announced that all men are to adopt the Kim Jong-un hairstyle. The style was apparently known as "Chinese Smuggler" look until K. Jong-un took it up. This is a severe restriction since, previously, North Korean men had been completely free to...
  8. mollag

    Classical style dance/rave music!

    Yeah me and all, doubtful but give these two guys a look, it is excellent, im so envious. :Cry:
  9. juco

    Health costs usa style

    I know this is for USA but it does put an interesting perspective on health costs and how it works, long video but worth watching. The True Cost of Health Care - YouTube
  10. mollag

    Crowd control IOM style

    Briefly, its TT week on the IOM when a small police force suddenly has enormous crowd and traffic control duties, have a skeet at this Sgt [hence the staff] going about traffic control in the Manx "Taxim " square we could rent him out to Istanbul. Police Brutality at Isle of Man TT Week!
  11. arrian

    Irish Dancing-Gangham Style

    Irish dancing with a twist? An Daire Irish Dancers Gangnam style - YouTube
  12. pembelu

    SOBA kuzine style double /oven with extras - koycegiz collection

    double style wood burning stove kuzine soba with many pipes black marble base available but in 2 pieces vinyl floor cover child security grate...cant think of the name in English right now?! attatchable clothes dryer section possibly some wood cost over 350tl in total selling for 250tl used for...
  13. juco

    Spray painting Romanian style :-)

    Romanian Paint Job - Funny Videos at Videobash
  14. pembelu

    Osmanlı Beşik / Ottoman style rocking cot

    Osmanlı Beşik / Ottoman style rocking cot hand crafted locally from rare Sedar wood. only 7m old new online 1500tl selling for 400tl more pics and sizes to come later ...collection koycegiz
  15. giglets

    Justice, Pakistani Style?

    BBC News - Pakistani mob beats to death Muslim accused of blasphemy A mob in Pakistan has stormed a police station and beaten to death a Muslim man accused of desecrating the Koran. The victim's body was then set alight, according to witnesses. The unnamed victim had earlier been handed...
  16. arrian

    Gangman-Prison Style

    remember when the prisoners did Michael Jacksons 'Thriller'? well they've now done 'Gangman' Cebu inmates - Gangnam Style Philippines (Good Quality) - YouTube ( i think this would be a great workout too) .
  17. Tess

    OYKOS Greek Style Yogurt. Turkey ??

    I struggled to find an appropriate place / forum to ask this, sorry I am sure it was there. I have just discovered the sumptious taste of the new to us in UK, Oykos, Luxury Greek Style Yogurt. So far I have sampled the Peach and the Strawberry. Its divine, made by Danone, is it available in...
  18. skydog

    Airline Safety Logic US Style!

    The Sky Isn't Falling! And regulators are worried. By JAMES TARANTO A corollary of the old man-bites-dog adage is that it's news when a plane crashes, but not when a plane lands safely. A recent Bloomberg dispatch challenges that assumption. The lead sentence: "More than a decade has passed...
  19. jenifer

    Bravery.....SAS Style

    A British SAS squad and an American Marines squad are together in the middle of a city. The commanding officers of each group are discussing the merits of SAS vs Marines: these officers have reputations for being the strongest, toughest and most feared men in the whole of the armed forces. The...
  20. Fuzzy

    New style Tapu

    Does anybody have a translation for the new style Tapu ? Mine has a wide red border ? i guess the wording would be more or less the same as the examples on here but i can't even get in to those ? Maybe because l have Apple ?Also is there any translation for the new habitacion certificate which...
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