1. Tenpin

    Info Turkish Residence Permit - Application for Student Residence Permit (SRP)

    Courtesy of Doc Martin © Doc Martin 2017 Disclaimer: The information here is provided as a general guide. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information is up to date and accurate, information given here from the Turkish Government, DGMM, GOC, British Consulate & other official...
  2. D

    Looking for an Internship/research opportunity

    Hello all, **This is my first post in the forum so if I am not following the rules by posting this please let me know.** I am an Electrical/Electronics Engineering Major in Antalya Turkey. Considering that this is my final year before I graduate, I am looking for an internship or a research...
  3. Q

    Hi there! English university student in need of help!

    Hello everyone! I'm a student studying Linguistics at Queen Mary, University of London, and for my dissertation I am studying the colour terms in English and Turkish - specifically how having 2 distinct words for 'light blue' and 'dark blue' in Turkish ('mavi' and 'lacivert') affects the way a...
  4. juco

    Homeless man helps student.

    Read the story... BBC News - Preston student sleeps rough to repay homeless man Robbie's kindness Donate... Help Robbie, Preston's Homeless Hero
  5. immac

    Uni Student Accom

    As I live within sight of the University in Patlangiç, and I have a number of spare rooms, I am considering letting room(s) to university students. Is there an advertising site for students looking for rooms? Ian
  6. TurkInDenmark

    How's life in Turkey as a graduate student?

    Hey fellas, a question popped in to my mind. At the moment I'm studying Turkology at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, as a undergraduate. I'm almost certain that I as a part of my education will go to Turkey for a semester, preferably at one of the big well renowned ones. As a fact...
  7. beyazbayan

    Student caught with 20,000 Euros

    Student caught with 20,000 Euros hidden in her underwear as she boarded flight to Turkey turns up at court with ankle tag to deny funding terrorism Read more: Nawal Massad arrives at court wearing ankle tag to deny funding terrorism | Mail Online Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail...
  8. Carolyn

    Riots flare in Antakaya following death of student

    Demonstrator's death stirs protests in Turkey - Europe - Al Jazeera English
  9. H

    10 min. to help an Iranian student?

    The email bellow arrived at one of our university mailing lists from a student asking for help: "Hi I am a doctoral candidate in tourism management at University of Isfahan in Iran and investigating tourist perception about Iran as a destination. Please click the following Link and complete...
  10. H

    Professor won't teach student with face veil

    On the Valentine's day I left my office to buy some lunch and walked over the University square. In the middle of the square there were a group of energetic girls dancing zumba, loud music was deafening but it was beautiful, they were incredibly good. There was a crowd of students watching and...
  11. tykatem

    Student Riots Round 2...

    On Wednesday 9th Nov the Students of the country are hold more protests, rumour has it that they will team up with the protesters outside St Pauls, so what will be the outcome?..... Students Prepare For Wednesday's Protest In London Against Tuition Fees | UK News | Sky News Pete
  12. S

    Student emergency kit

    Hi Guys My niece is going to uni in September and I'd like to make her up an "emergency kit". Thought of the usual tin of beans, toilet roll etc, anyone got any other ideas? Cheers Sue x
  13. SonnyJim

    World Student Games

    Congratulations Turkey - especially womans mid distance runners - great performances:thumbup:
  14. N

    Life as a student in Istanbul

    Merhaba everyone, i'm going as a student this year to study turkish. I wanted to ask about the life in Istanbul as a student... where can i stay? if i don't get a place in a public student residence? and if i do, how is it living in a public student residence? how much do i need per month...
  15. raven

    Book to save animals, nature and the poor written by Turkish Student

    Hi I thought this was inspirational and thought I should share this article. Tolga Babür, a 16-year-old high school student, has started a charity project for what he calls the three fundamental aspects of the world, by making use of global online hotel booking giant’s affiliate...
  16. C

    Hi Everyone, I Am A College Student From The US and I Have Some Questions About Turke

    Hi Everyone! My name is CJ and I'm doing a research paper for school about how well Hershey's Chocolate Syrup would sell in Turkey. Before Monday, I am supposed to interview Turkish people and ask them some questions.. Everyone seems really friendly here, so I was hoping that you would help me...
  17. giglets

    Student sentenced for throwing fire extinguisher

    Waste of a young life or getting what he deserved? BBC News - Student protester jailed for throwing fire extinguisher Dave
  18. teosgirl

    student miscarries following beating

    Student miscarries following beating by Turkish police - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review I found the comments underneath the article interesting. Charlotte
  19. Yogi

    Student Protets over Tutition Fees

    BBC News - Students tuition fee protesters face police lines I think I had more sympathy for them before all this happened. Also, who's gonna subsidise Welsh students, the rest of UK taxpayers probably. If they are going to have subsidised fees then the Welsh should pay for it.
  20. bickern

    Student's £100bn overdraft shock

    A student from Ayrshire was left in a state of shock when his online banking statement showed him to be overdrawn by almost £100bn. Donald Moffat, 38, from Irvine, said that on Tuesday morning his Barclays account was showing two separate withdrawals of £50bn. The bank said a "technical...
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