1. M

    Turkish residents stuck in the Uk

    Are you in the UK and want to get back to your Turkish home. Well there is a facebook group set up to fly back from the UK to Dalaman. They have the chance to book a plane(none commercial) to fly from Stansted to Dalaman on the 13th May. The flight is being managed by a reputable travel...
  2. Tenpin

    American Isis suspect stuck on border ‘not our problem’, says Erdoğan An alleged American member of Islamic State, stranded for a second day on the border between Greece and Turkey after Turkey expelled him, is “not our problem”, the Turkish...

    Stuck to the sofa

    Well its miserable outside,the fire is roaring, fleabag is snoring and I have a couple of good movies to watch. On days like this I am glad I do not have to leave the house for any reason. What are you at today
  4. B

    Help!! Storage bed stuck in upright position!

    I have wriggled it! I have tried to cajole it! I have used brute force! My bed is stuck up and not going anywhere!! I remember someone else had this problem some time ago and i have been trying to find the thread to no avail. Can anyone advise please?
  5. N

    Forum Calendar stuck at 2010

    Can someone please update the calender its 2 years out of date:thanks:
  6. Helenm150

    Storage bed stuck!

    My double storage bed is stuck in the up position and as hard as I pull down on the strap it won't come down - anyone got any tips for getting it closed before bedtime please? It is a Yatas Gasomatic double storage bed. Thanks, Helen :drama:
  7. J

    Stuck in Istanbul!

    After a great week in Gumbet, seeing old friends and sorting things out, the flight from Bodrum to Istanbul with Atlasjet was great. Flights to Europe are disrupted because of the severe weather so instead of flying onto Amsterdam and then to Newcastle, I am now overnighting in the WOW Hotel in...
  8. jaimie

    Still stuck being a sex God :lol:

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone have any ideas how (or what I can do) to change my profile pic? Much as I like the "hunk" leaning out of the pool pic (yeah right:ohwell:) I think it's time for a change, however try as I may I cannot upload a new one, I keep getting the "upload failed" legend appear...
  9. Yalides

    Stuck in a lift with...

    Would hate to get stuck in a lift with any Politician, Katey Price, the ex wife, anyone with smelly feet or bad breath and one or two TLFers. :blowkiss:
  10. arrian

    burglar stuck in window-6 hours!

    Pictured: The burglar rescued after getting stuck in a window during a break-in | Mail Online
  11. S

    Whats stuck down your sofa?

    BBC News - Body lay under sofa for 10 years in shared Bristol flat
  12. saffie

    Help for any TLF members stuck in Marmaris

    I live in Marmaris and have been reading about people stuck with no accommodation because of the volcano ash problem. I have a spare double room and at a push,can clear the single room which has a single bed and a baby cot in. If there are any TLF members that are in need of accommodation...
  13. S

    Is anyone stuck in Marmaris needs a room.

    Just a thought, my friends got an apartment, empty right now, fully furnished, with all this going on regarding the volcano ash, we cant leave uk.No flights again they are saying. Maybe longer than we thought as another cloud of ash is in the south east area uk now. So if you are stranded in...
  14. pineapple1

    A Bed if you Get Stuck

    If any members are travelling on the A1 and are having difficulty driveing in the snow PLEASE dont get stuck for a bed or a hot drink you can come to my house . Has i'm 32 miles from East Mids Airport . So if your returning from or going to Turkey I'm At a village called Elkesley Between...
  15. Alan Fidler

    Man stuck in drain..

    This will teach her to be more careful with her keys... surely she had a spare..? Beats me how the hell he manged to "jump" in the hole...!! Still, it entertained the neighbors..:) :dooh::loony::loony::loony: Man Rescued By Firefighters After Getting Stuck In Drain Looking For Keys In...
  16. bickern

    In case you are stuck for a New Year greeting.

    Happy new year! -> Mutlu Yılbaşı Happy new year! -> Yeni yılın (yılınız) kutlu olsun! Happy new year! -> Mutlu yıllar! (Alternative) I wish you happiness, luck and prosperity in the new year. -> Yeni yılda mutluluk, şans ve zenginlikler seninle (sizinle) olsun. Happy new year, with my most...
  17. david & emma

    stuck on words

    Hi all. not sure if anyone can answer but i am trying to find out what the words " sende sevgi ask ve hersey yalandi " mean? i hope its not rude or offends anyone. if this is the case i am sorry.
  18. Andy

    Stuck In Bed

    Stuck In Bed ------------ A young couple had just gotten married and spent their wedding night with the young man's parents. In the morning the mother got up and prepared a lovely breakfast, went to the bottom of the stairs and called for them to come down for breakfast. After a long wait the...
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