1. A89

    Happy Birthday Struggs!

    Happy Birthday Diane! Hope you have a lovely day! :Flower: alison x
  2. Mojive


    :cheer2::cheer2:Happy Birthday:cheer2::cheer2: Hope you have a great day Diane many happy returns :roundgrin Mo :blowkiss: :pressie:
  3. A89

    Happy Birthday Struggs!

    Happy Birthday Diane! Have a lovely day!!! :Flower: :cheers: alison x
  4. Sunny Seasider

    Happy Birthday Struggs

    Here's wishing you Many Happy returns Diane, hope you have a good year ahead. Thank you for your friendship. It means so much. :cheers: :cheer2: :cheers: :cheer2: :cheers: :cheer2: :cheers: :cheer2: :cheers: :cheer2:
  5. Sunny Seasider

    Happy Birthday Struggs

    Aw Here's wishing you, my friend Diane, have a Lovely Birthday. Enjoy your special day today. :hug: :cheer2: :cheers: :cheer2: :cheers: :cheer2: :cheers: :cheer2: :cheers:
  6. shirleyanntr

    struggs happy birthday

    to the recycled Teen hope you stay that way for many more are in good company :rockon:
  7. Ms Who

    Happy Birthday Struggs

    Just saying a very happy birthday to a lovely lady. Wishing you a goodun and hope to see you in Turkey this year xxxx And of course a happy birthday to anyone else with a birthday today :-)
  8. Andy

    Happy Birthday Struggs (Diane)

    Enjoy your special Day Diane Best Wishes XXX:474cu:
  9. Harem

    Struggs's birthday today

    Happy Birthday Struggs. Sorry its late, but I've been out all day today. hope you had a very good day and are celebrating in style tonight. :pressie: :cheers: :pressie:
  10. Ms Who

    Struggs get together

    Lo all, A message from Struggs who is leaving for Turkey tomorrow and will not get online before then: For anyone that is around on Saturday 29th September for a few bevies and a natter at the Lounge at 9pm :-) Directions: Off Ataturk Blvd. From town stay on the left hand side, go towards (...
  11. Ms Who

    Happy Birthday Struggs

    Wow the big 50!! Hope you have a fantastic birthday hon and we will have a little drink to celebrate when you get here :-) xx
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