1. arrian

    are woman stronger, part 2

    going on from perfect1949s' post, 'are woman stronger than men' what about woman on their own in Turkey? i mean, i can imagine being in the UK ( or any home country) and having friends, family and the facilities that are available, nearby, but what is it like in a country without these, after...
  2. perfect1949

    are women stronger than men

    do you think women are stronger then men, when it comes to living on their own . IMHO i think they are much stronger and cope better than a man . as you all probably know i live on my own . and am very domesticated and can do most things around the house and that include,s ironing ,des yuk lol...
  3. T

    am i getting stronger

    on his 80th birthday this old chap writes in to the agony aunt "when I was younger and gat an erection I could not bend it now I am 80 I find that when i get an erection I can bend it nearly in half - am I getting stronger?"
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