1. Camden

    Quds Force Iranian Commander killed rocket strike

    This is a big deal for the US, if they have done this ,they couldn't have killed anyone closer to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei than Qassem Soleimani ... Khamenei in the past has called him a "living martyr" .............not any more as dead... This Gen Qassem Soleimani has cult hero...
  2. bal canavar

    Hunger Strike

    There has been a peaceful protest of a hunger strike going on by two brave individuals which is now in its 113 days by a former primary school teacher Semih Ozakca and an academician Nuriye Gulen. Who were caught up in the mass sacking sometime without justification (possible gossip or...
  3. Sha Hoorsur

    Rail strike outrage.

    You would think it was a global catastrophe if you believed the coverage on UK TV. This outrage even had precedence over the events in Syria. That insufferable tw@t Piers Morgan was on brekky telly this morning calling for all train drivers and conductors to be sacked without notice. So how did...
  4. juco

    Post office going on strike for 5 days

    Crown post offices are apparently going on strike from the 19th for 5 days. So get you posting done before then. About time to as the post office treat their staff like s...! Profit driven and no moral standards.
  5. Kalkan regular

    French Air Traffic Controllers strike on 15 September

    For anyone flying to the UK or some areas of Europe the French Air Traffic Controllers are on strike tomorrow so expect flights to be delayed.
  6. Spurs

    Miners strike

    I'm sure we all remember those day & there has always been accusations against the police, now where does this go? BBC Radio 5 live - In Short, Arthur Scargill: ?Full public inquiry? needed on Orgreave
  7. suzyq

    General Strike Oct. 12-13

    Turkey’s leading labor unions and work organizations have declared a general strike Oct. 12-13 in order to protest Oct. 10’s double suicide bombing in Ankara with an official death toll of 97 people, one of the worst in Turkey’s history. The Confederation of Public Sector Trades’ Unions...
  8. T

    Poles Apart? Migrants Strike....

    What do the Poles expect to gain from their Strike action later this month? It's not the Poles (or any other nationality) per se, that's causing so much resentment in Britain & elsewhere, it's the geopolitical engineering that's manipulating & dividing the continent. Jo Bloggs in England is...
  9. beyazbayan

    Terrorist suicide bomber strike Suruc in Turkey

    The death toll is rising even as İ type this and now stands at 35 and more expected to die. The Turkish news is saying they believe the bomber was a woman. A bomb attack in the Turkish town of Suruc has killed at least 30 people during a meeting of young activists to discuss the reconstruction...
  10. Yalides

    On strike

    Are the Mods on strike for better pay and conditions ? No pretty usernames around....
  11. RedBloodedHound

    Policing Miners' Strike. Cabinet Papers.

    Time for an inquiry? BBC News - Miners' strike: 'Police fitted me up' Miners' strike: 'Police fitted me up' By Jenny Chryss BBC Radio 4's The Report More than 90 people were arrested and both miners and police officers were injured at Orgreave Continue reading the main story Related Stories...
  12. B

    Thomas Cook Does Lightning Strike Twice!!!!

    On the 10th October I flew out to Antalya with Thomas Cook from LGW. Flight delay 6hours 55minutes. This was due to a technical fault. If your flight is delayed between 2 and 4hours you will be offered meals and refreshment and two phone calls. We were offered £10 voucher. If however the delay...
  13. teosgirl

    Union strikes in support of protests

    Turkey's trade unions gather to coordinate general strike in protest of state terror - CNN iReport I have not been able to confirm this information, and I have no idea what kind of effect it would have on general services. I do however feel it deserves a space of it's own on the forum, so as...
  14. teosgirl

    North Korea prepares strike against US interests

    North Korea Rocket Strike Threat Targets US OK, I know absolutely nothing about the North Korea/US situation. I'd be interested to read any comments or opinions from members who know why North Korea is hostile towards America (mind you, who isn't nowadays?) and what they foresee happening in...
  15. scotssteve

    Baggage Strike Stansted!

    BBC News - Stansted Airport baggage handler strike begins and a happy bank holiday weekend to all of you due to leave from stansted- choosing their timing with maximum impact selfish B......................................
  16. I

    THY strike

    About 100 flights were cancelled from Istanbul Ataturk airporr yesterday due to the government trying to make strikes in the aviation industry illegal. Have sympathy for the strikers but hope my Thursday flight won't be affected.
  17. Tommie

    East Midlands Trains drivers' strike

    Note that East Midlands trains drivers may be on strike on the 3rd May. This will affect you if you are travelling to/from Luton or East Midlands airports. They were on strike yesterday. East Midlands does not look too bad but I can't see any trains scheduled for Luton. BBC News - East...
  18. A

    At least 27 killed as twin bombings strike Damascus security structures

    Twin explosions have shaken the Syrian capital, killing at least 27 people and injuring up to 100, Syrian TV says, quoting the country’s health minister. Syrian media has dubbed the blasts “terrorist attacks.” Both civilians and security forces are reportedly among the victims. Initial reports...
  19. millilove76

    Kurdish Strike over Bombing!

    I've just spoken to my husband who told me that the next few days in the South East will be very quiet. Many Kurdish businesses are closing for up to 3 days in a show of anger at the bombing that killed many civilians (the youngest now believed to be just 12 years old) by the Turkish Goverment...
  20. lara


    Quite a few of my friends and family will be striking today and I wish them well. I was on strike in the Ninties for eight months and have really bitter memories of those times. Will it change anything?..............I think not. Unfortunately the working class of this country will always be...
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