1. 1

    Strictly Come Dancing

    Any other fans on here........... I'm loving this series. Russel Grant not the greatest, but you can tell he's loving every moment..... Robbie Savage, well better teeth and hair than me (but I am a natural blonde) I think the public are keeping Nancy in, cos we're sadistic, we like seeing Anton...
  2. Lyndsey

    Strictly Come Dancing 2011.

    Lulu, Anita Dobson and Robbie Savage will be joined by Jason Donovan, Rory Bremner and actress and singer Holly Valance on the show, which begins this Saturday on BBC One. Also taking part in the series are The One Show host Alex Jones, Olympic boxing champion Audley Harrison, McFly's Harry...
  3. S

    Strictly Crap!

    As someone who detests such mind numbing dross as X Factor, Strictly etc my dislike for such low quality entertainment appeared fully justified this evening. Anyone who can find that aged unfunny Tory Forsythe remotely amusing needs a full frontal labotomy. I had the misfortune of witnessing...
  4. Tess

    Strictly Come Dancing Final

    :rockon: Well I really enjoyed this series of Strictly Come Dancing. I thought the final was brill. Some super dances and two really great guys in the final. To be honest I thought Chris danced very very well and throughout the series he worked his socks off, but I thought Ricky was outstanding...
  5. T

    Are work permit requirements strictly enforced?

    Hi again! Yet another question for you lovely, helpful people! My husband and I are moving to Turkey (from Canada) in August. I've got a job lined up, but my husband doesn't, and won't have a work permit /work visa when we arrive. (My employer, Bilkent University, is looking after my visa and...
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