1. J

    Stressed Children

    Children as young as six 'stressed' about exams and tests - BBC News If this is really true it feels very sad to me on our approach to children's education.
  2. immac

    Stressed Cat - Feliway?

    Stressed/nervous cat is causing me a problem. Is Feliway available in Turkey? Vet has offered some cat food, but even from the manufacturers (Royal Canin) site I can not see how it will help + very expensive. Has anyone tried Feliway (also expensive) and is it available in Turkey? I anticipate...
  3. Y

    And I thought I was easily stressed!

    In the online HurriyetDailyNews english language website, article headed 'Turkish Women Love to Beat Stress Coach'. (sorry dont know how to make link to webpage successfully) As the worlds only registered stress coach, this guys work seems to consist of permitting for very large sums of money...
  4. Helenbodrum

    Visa help for v. stressed girlie!!

    Hi All Well, my brain is officially frazzled - and I have lists of my lists of my lists!! Why? I hear you ask! Tayfun and I are moving to live in Bodrum in February! Don't get me wrong, Im not complaining and I'm so excited, but bloody hell...there is so much to do!! Anyway, enough waffling -...
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