1. A

    Broken street light

    We have a number of street lights in our area that are broken. As silly as it sounds is there a way to inform the council (Ortaca) that they are no longer working. Our area is pitch black because of this. Thanks
  2. J

    Street Dogs in Dalaman

    Does anybody know of an organisation in the Dalaman area that can take care of local street dogs? There are a couple of adorable dogs living near our villa, and I would like to return the UK tomorrow having made contact with someone who can take care of them, or at least make sure that they have...
  3. bickern

    No 10 Downing Street

    "No 10 Downing Street" Program 1 (1985 Documentary) - Jenny Barraclough - YouTube "Living Above the Shop" Mrs Thatcher in No 10 (1985 Documentary) - Jenny Barraclough - YouTube
  4. bickern

    29 must-try Turkish street foods!

    A couple or so new ones on me but definately have to agree with most of them. Top 29 must-try Turkish street foods Yummy yummy!
  5. immac

    All the Street Cats Have Gone

    I am not naive about living in Turkey, and sometimes see some horrible behaviour towards animals. On the other hand, most of my neighbours show great kindness towards street animals. But over the last few days I have been noticing that the street cats have gone: not one or two, but all of them...
  6. S

    Street Bull Running

    So my first ever experience of bull running lasted roughly 90 seconds Whilst the runners aren't physically harming the bulls its patently clear the goading and indeed cheering of the crowd is frightening the poor animals terribly Entertainment it is not
  7. ted j

    Mad street dogs

    Kath and I were out on the bike this morning , going down Marina road We saw some new builds and turned down a side road for a better look, (a friend of ours is on the lookout for a place ). As we did we passed another side road, two street dogs came charging out , one was obviously out for...
  8. D

    Street theater of the absurd

    Street theater of the absurd | The Old Groaner "In a different cafe, here comes a guy with a varnished wooden box which he is opening to show potential customers its neatly arranged rows of teeth for sale! Not complete sets of grinning false teeth, but rows of individual, single teeth, varying...
  9. tomc1984

    Yalikavak Street Animals sales.

    Yalikavak street animals will be at their new depot to the left of the belediye building, just up from Sok from about 10a.m on Saturdays, for their second hand sales, if anyone wants to come along and pick up a bargain. Also goods, bric-a-brac, good quality clothing etc.always needed if any...
  10. bickern

    Urdu street signs in Britain

    The truth about Urdu street signs in Britain. Hoax, but apparently lots of folk believed as truth. A picture which looks like it's taken from Google Maps of a junction on the A658 in West Yorkshire shows nearby towns and the airport supposedly signposted in Urdu as well as in English. There...
  11. C

    Google Earth Street View

    Google Earth Street View has now covered a lot of Turkey. Cities and big towns all seem to be on plus a lot of smaller places too.
  12. H

    Is this the answer to the street dog problem?

    Chinese dog-eating festival outrages foreigners - BBC News Terrible end for these dogs.
  13. yalimart

    Yalikavak Street Dogs

    Another view on street dogs, this farmer has found 91 of his 94 lambs slaughtered by a pack of street dogs in the Yalikavak area. Sokak Köpekleri Katliam Yapt?! - Mu?la ?ehir - Mu?la`n?n haber portal? Makes you think ! Martin
  14. J

    street sellers

    do the turkish sellers of perfume and aftershave need a licence to sell on the streets as they are very abusive and ignorant when you dont buy
  15. G

    Bar street

    Hi all, I'm coming over in a couple of weeks and was just wandering if all the bars and restaurants are up and running, are there any new bars in bar street or just the usual, also how much is an Ephes, probably 7/8 cos of the exchange rate. Gino
  16. M

    first time going to marmaris what's the price this year in bar street

    And do u have to pay entry to get in to the clubs Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  17. S

    Street maps of Istanbul on Android?

    Does anybody know of a smart phone. gps enabled. android app that does not need internet connection for a street map of Istanbul? Thanks in advance.
  18. R

    Dinner to raise money for Yalikavak street dogs

    Hello everyone! I am am so happy to be back from America. Missed all my friends and furry ones. We are in need of funds to continue spay neuter program so we have joined up with the established Bodrum animal welfare group. Dinner is at devil Sultan restaurant across dom municipality building...
  19. Carolyn

    Fined for spitting in the street

    Can't see this happening in Turkey. If only ....... Yobs who spit in public can now be prosecuted for littering after a council won a landmark legal ruling. In a test case, two men failed in their challenge of a local authority policy to impose £80 on-the-spot fines on them. Magistrates upheld...
  20. bickern

    Coronation Street actor Michael Le Vell cries in the dock

    The trial of Coronation Street star Michael Le Vell started today and will possibly continue for two weeks. -------------------------------------------------------------------- The girl who claims Coronation Street star Michael Le Vell raped her as she clutched a teddy bear broke down in the...
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