1. mollag

    Top Tv Series

    Jumping off of the BBC thread, I thought maybe members fave TV at the Mo, for a start I suggest, "The Queens Gambit" , We are loving it, amazing quality of acting and production, It's netflix, I dont have it, some naughty torrent bird downloaded it to my desktop ;) Just completed The...
  2. bickern

    New streaming service and it's FREE

    THERE’S a new kid on the block when it comes to movie streaming and unlike long-established services from the likes of Sky, Netflix, and Amazon – this one is completely free to watch. Until very recently, Plex didn’t offer any way to access content from third-party providers. Instead, it was...
  3. Tenpin

    Center Against Illegal Streaming

    Looks like Turkey is founding a center against illegal streaming. Turkey to found center against illegal streaming Our use of Kodi may be coming to an end in the not too distant future.
  4. bickern

    Best Android Streaming Apps

    Not tried other than Cartoon HD that Trev posted the other day but some may find the Apps on this list to their liking. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Until now, the best alternative to get movies and TV shows via streaming has been installing Kodi on...
  5. paddington bear

    Filmon Streaming HDI TV

    Has anyone got the streaming box and if so is it any good please? We are thinking of getting rid of Digiturk and having this instead. Sue
  6. bickern

    Streaming TV - TV Portals

    Yes, you guessed it, it's another TV Portal. It has UK, USA, Turkey etc. Discovery and History Channels. TV Channels - United Kingdom ZopTV - Live TV Channels for Free
  7. N

    streaming tv

    does any body use a box that updates it self / can watch sky sports /sky movies / and other channels /how reliable /
  8. martin m

    streaming channel

    Hi Someone tipped me of about this today "Mobdro", its an app for Android,(apple no good), and amazingly once loaded through your browser on your phone you can get almost ANY tv station, all the sky sports 1,2,3,4, BT, and so on, that means any football, Boxing, I tried it today and sure enough...
  9. H

    Roku streaming stick

    Bought one of these for my TV in the UK. Brilliant. My geeky son has suggested getting a router with built in VPN in Turkey and connecting to my VPN enabled router in the UK which should allow unfettered access to all the programmes/apps on the Roku stick. Anybody tried it?
  10. Lez Zetli

    Android: Download films from streaming sites to your phone or tablet

    You try to watch a film on line but it stops and starts. The solution is to download it and play it off line in your favourite media player. But the site has no free download option. Here is one example of many solutions for that. On your Android phone (and I presume tablet) install these from...
  11. uncle fester

    FilmOn to disrupt TV with new streaming channels Hi maybe this link may help,looks like where only going to recive BBC 1 & 2 ITV 1 and CH 4 & 5
  12. bickern

    Free Online TV Streaming

    Watch Full Episodes - TV Shows - Series, Seasons - Online Episodes EU is a the new bread for online television streaming. The service streams episodes of popular English TV shows such as Desperate Housewives, House, CSI, or Warehouse 13 to users from around the world. The...
  13. N

    football streaming

    Were is the best place to stream free prem games in turkey it seems blocked vipstand thanks for any help.
  14. A

    Online Streaming Radio Channels in PC

    Hi!! just came across this site with live internet radio, what I really liked about this site was how quickly I could find the channel of my interest, do check it out and give your feedback -
  15. K

    Media Streaming I never knew stuff like this existed until I started to play the forum's Radio and TV, and it inspired me to check this kind of stuff out and so found this useful site if anyone is interested. I feel I have a computer but I'm not using it to its full potential...
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