1. bal canavar

    Treatment of Strays in the cold weather

    Twitter is sharing about care for stray animals during the cold spell. The people who shared this was 'Innocent Eyes' account they shared a photo taken yesterday evening in the Karasu District. The Freezing happened and a photograph was taken of the dead dog to warn people what can...
  2. L

    Rounding up strays in Akbuk and killing Dogs with poison darts on 2nd beach, Didim

    It is against the law to kill the strays in Turkey yet dogs are being rounded up in Akbuk and stray dogs are being murdered by poisonous darts on the beach of Didim as I write this. If anyone witnesses this appalling act of cruelty against the stray dogs can they send a written complaint to...
  3. suzyq

    Activist from Boston eases plight of Turkish strays

    An animal activist from Boston, Christine Noke (43), takes care of 25 stray dogs and pays from her own pocket for their veterinary needs in her current city of residence, ─░zmir, where she is the director of an international humanitarian aid foundation. Today's Zaman, your gateway to Turkish...
  4. J

    Injections etc for strays

    Hi there, can anyone tell me what the dogs get at the shelter in the way of treatment? Is it neutering and rabies jab only or do they get anything for fleas/ticks if really bad? Also do they get any other type of injection? Thanks.
  5. K

    Vets, strays and animal shelters?

    Are there any in the Altinkum area?:) K
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