1. suzyq

    Antakya health system strained by overwhelming numbers of Syrians

    It seems like as Turkey is now dealing with about 60,000 Syrian refugees things aren't going well. As Antakya struggles to cope with increasing numbers of wounded Syrians pouring into the city on a daily basis, and with facilities such as hospitals already overstretched, claims of mistreatment...
  2. teosgirl

    Uzbekistan ties become strained after TV report

    Uzbekistan accuses Turkish firms of being Islamist fronts - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review This could develop into something more serious. It will be interesting to find out the companies involved, and their current situation in Turkey. The Turkish billionnaire club has recently...
  3. Mushtaq

    Strained Lentils Soup

    Ingredients Red lentils 1/2 cup Onion 1 medium Carrot 1 medium Stock 5 cups Flour 1 tablespoon Butter 50 g Black pepper Salt Procedure Grate carrot, halve onion, add red lentils and 4 cups bone stock, boil 15 minutes. Strain mixture. Heat butter cook flour 5 minutes, add bone...
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