1. K

    multifuel stoves

    :11: we are the bottom floor of an apartment with 4 floors above us , we all have bbqs on the balcony outside , and iam thinking of getting a multi fuel stove for heating :dooh: can i feed the chimney into the bbq :25: is this allowed isa this advisable or is this a daft idea :438qr: advice...
  2. D

    Wood burning stoves

    I'm hoping someone can help me. We are thinking of spending some time in our apartment over the the next few winters but it only has heating from aircon units which is expensive and not very cozy. I was wondering if it's possible to buy the little wood burnt stoves anywhere in Yalikavak. We...
  3. D

    Multi fuel stoves

    Does anyone know where to buy Multi fuel stoves in the Dalaman area? I am able to travel to surrounding area.
  4. D

    Multi fuel stoves.

    Does anyone know stockists of multi fuel stoves in the Dalaman, Fethieye area?
  5. C

    Wood burning stoves

    Hi We were here last winter and after the realisation that electric radiators and gas fires did not keep us warm we invested in a wood burning stove. We really wasn't prepared and didn't get the stove in until the January. My hubby was constantly out buying wood and chopping it up in the cold...
  6. murdo

    Wood stoves

    Any pictures of these? Are they like the small range ones in the UK? Can you get ones that run may all have sussed by now that I have a low cold threshhold and have cold feet in Winter!!!!! Jackie
  7. murdo

    wood stoves

    How much are these and is there loads of wood available???? Jackie
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