1. Jaycey

    A Love Story

    A guy gets goosed...
  2. Camden

    Marie Colvin Story

    After documentaries on her life, finally a Film has been made and soon to be released here.... on the reporter Marie Colvin and her life. It will also be showing her targeted murder by the Syrian State, for her courageous reporting of the truth on Atrocities perpetrated by the Assad Regime on...
  3. IbrahimAbi

    A heartwarming story

    Please feel free to post your own as you come across them. A couple celebrating their golden wedding anniversary year are also celebrating 50 years with the same car.
  4. bickern

    The Fred Dibnah Story

    Health & Safety, what Health & Safety? The Fred Dibnah Story Episode 1 Beginnings - YouTube Could you believe tying a few ladders to a chimney and off you went demolishing. Fred was certainly a character. Open in YouTube for all series.
  5. bickern

    Just a moving story

    I purposely wont post any content because the item needs to be read and the drawings looked at, but it involves the death of a loved one and how he coped.
  6. suzyq

    Heart breaking Story

    A heartbreaking story behind photos showing a boy cuddling and sleeping with a stray dog on a street in Istanbul’s Beşiktaş district has been revealed. Heartbreaking story behind photos of Syrian boy cuddling, sleeping with stray dog in Istanbul - LOCAL
  7. PASH

    A Good Lawyer Story

    In what seems like a lifetime, I have eventually come to understand the Turkish legal system. Bit long winded but bear with me. After the usual rogue builder issues that many of us have experienced over the years, we have eventually finalised three of our four cases, some that started back in...
  8. S

    Heartening story

    Awwww Isn't this a heartening tale that no doubt ALL on bigots r us, sorry TLF will find warming their hearts Teenager Allie Dowdle crowdfunds $12,500 after parents 'no longer support her future' due to black boyfriend -
  9. M

    Sad story from Turkey

    The story started when I visited Bodrum and liked it and generally Turkey, and decided to buy a house there. I started to look for a property and new an agent in Antalya…. Look post no 16473 in May 2013 in Turkey central forum. After this incident, and because I liked the house that this man...
  10. W

    An Inspiring Story

    Every now and then I hear of stories that makes me sit back in awe re the determination of people who strive to get on in life who face huge obstacles but are still determined to succeed. Two days ago we answered a knock on our door to find a big smiling 25 year old we had not seen in 5 years...
  11. Mushtaq

    A positive story from Turkey

    Syrians Set Up Shop In Turkey, Because Who Needs Europe? ISTANBUL -- Mohamed Nizar Bitar is never far from his seven Syrian restaurants in Turkey. Even as he sat down to a lunch of fried falafel, fresh hummus, and lamb dumplings in warm yogurt at one of his Tarbush eateries in April, he...
  12. Spurs

    Untold story

    No doubt one of many but recognition AND to be found is heart warming with a chunk of sadness. RIP. Lost WWII resistance heroes' graves found after 70 years - BBC News
  13. Yalides

    Nice story

    Touching moment swan hugs man who saved its life in remarkable show of gratitude Nice.
  14. L

    Very sad story - Ex-Turkey expat - Bulgaria Murder

    Probably a few of you from Altinkum will have known this poor lady and her husband. British woman murdered in Bulgaria just months after moving there - Telegraph I don't know who added to my subject line and mis-spelled it.....
  15. HelenSnowball

    Today's good news story

    Missing dog Toffee reunited with blind owner - BBC News
  16. Yalides

    Lovely story

    Pensioner Alan Barnes targeted by mugger given £20,000 by well-wishers | Daily Mail Online There are some real scum around these days. Nice to see this story has a happy outcome.
  17. SimsekMertVural

    So long story short :) : Looking for female Housemate. ...

    Hello Dear Forum Members. I would like to announce little about my situation that i will be very soon need a housemate, a female friend to reduce my costs. The reason of sex i mention, owner family of the apartment i live, is local people from Antalya, little conservative and sensitive about...
  18. SHAWY

    A Lawyer Story.

    BEST LAWYER/INSURANCE STORY OF THE YEAR, DECADE, AND POSSIBLY THE CENTURY. This actually took place in Charlotte, North Carolina. A lawyer purchased a box of very rare and expensive cigars, then insured them against, among other things, fire. Within a month, having smoked his entire stockpile...
  19. bickern

    The story behind the kebab

    A refreshing tale. ------------------------------------------------- Two friends from school and I barely make it inside the Parisian metro before the doors close. Soon after we find seats, I notice a dark-skinned man with a pink shirt sitting right beside me, fully concentrated on reading...
  20. shirleyanntr

    a heartwarming story from SGK

    a dear friend of mine who has a lymphoma(Non-Hodgkins) and been having treatment in the UK recently asked if she could have her treatment here as she and her husband have SGK insurance...and going more frequently to the UK for the drug used( rituximab) was both expensive and now shes past the...
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