1. L

    Storm sewer water backup problem

    Looking for plumbing advice. Very heavy rains recently resulted in property basements being flooded. i am assuming ( perhaps wrongly) that the cause was storm drain backup. The water came through the toilet and shower drains causing a good few inches of lying water. Other than sealing the drains...
  2. suzyq

    Powerful storm to slam Turkey to Israel into Thursday night

    A large and powerful winter storm will unleash damaging winds, heavy rain and snow on parts of the Middle East from Turkey to Israel and Jordan. Turkey will endure the brunt of the wintry weather with much of the country getting at least some snowfall. Much of the western interior of the...
  3. T

    Deadly Lebanon storm blights Syrian refugees

    Onslaught of snow and rain from Storm Zina leaves at least four refugees dead as aid agencies struggle to help victims. At least four Syrian refugees have died as a result of the huge storm that is currently sweeping across Lebanon, as more than a million refugees try and survive against the...
  4. paddington bear

    Storm warning

    There has been a storm warning in the paper for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of thunderstorms, hail, torrential rain, flooding and tornados, it would appear that this warning covers Antalya to Alanya. I have just been to Migros and stocked up, mainly for the animals. Sue
  5. Toxteth

    The calm before todays little storm

    Quite dramatic...
  6. B

    Yalikavak by night

    Yalikavak on Wednesday night from the Cimentepe! Message - TurkishLiving Photo Gallery
  7. culturevulture


    Wow, this storm is a rough one. Hope everyone is ok. Has there any damage been caused here? I have been listening to Turkish radio weather report from Bodrum and Kusadasi. With my limited Turkish, I THINK they said that Bodrum was on red alert and there were 20 metre high waves in Kusadasi!! As...
  8. Helenm150

    Thunder storm

    The thunder storm that was forecast for today has finally arrived - thunder, lightning, heavy rain and power cut .........
  9. translator

    State of Bodrum after the Storm

    Have a look at Bodrum after the storm the link is below:- Facebook
  10. Madwife

    Big Storm

    Anyone tell me anything bout the big storm? We've just heard from a friend of a friend that it was one of the worst they'd known! Feel a bit worried bout our place, even tho we only left last Thursday
  11. Tommie

    Classic Wintertime Storm

    Glad I'm not in the UK at the moment as some very bad weather has been forecast for the next few days. Winds of 40mph+ have been predicted. And it's coming from the US! More... Does anyone know what a Classic Wintertime Storm is?? Obviously not good.
  12. Andyucs

    Severe Storm Warning

    Dalyan belediye has issued a severe storm warning for this evening/night. Never known that before so take seriously.
  13. perfect1949

    storm forcast

    according to voices , bodrum peninsula is going to have another storm tomorrow . i do hope it's not as bad as last week . dave
  14. bobthenob

    lnternet Storm Damage

    "Boy",what an eventful 2 weeks l had without the cyber conversations on the forum. Two weeks ago were huge menacing storm clouds rolling in from the SW of Akbuk.As the storm clouds eerily approach my house and growing fast by the seconds suddenly produced a all mighty clap of lightening that...
  15. rosewall1

    who got the storm

    Yesterday afternoon and evening looking out over the sea at Torba, someone was getting a mega storm. It went on for hours but just stayed out over the sea heading towards the airport. So we wonder who got it???
  16. D

    CNN:10 dead as Israeli forces storm Gaza aid convoy

    Piracy! News is just coming in about an act of piracy in international waters undertaken by Israelis against a Turkish cargo ship.
  17. ceemac

    Turkish Expats Storm Bulgaria Passport Offices

    Thousand of emigrants have arrived from Turkey on a 4-day trip to Bulgaria's southern city of Kardzhali with the goal to renew their Bulgarian ID documents. Here C
  18. pineapple1

    The Storm

    The Storm They were together in the House. Just the two of them. It was a cold, dark, stormy night. The storm had come quickly and each time the thunder boomed he watched her jump. She looked across the room and admired his strong appearance...and wished that he would take her in his arms...
  19. A

    Storm in Akbuk

    I'm new to the forum but knew about this site before. Just noticed that nobody mentioned about the storm and flood in Akbuk. You can read it on news. Akbuk Jack
  20. SonnyJim

    What a Storm!!

    Well this has been forecast for a while and thismorning we got it!!! Rain, hail, thunder and lightening with a good southerly squall thrown in!! For the first time in my life I actually saw lightening strike - not sure what it hit but the noise was incredible with a big blue flash. Nothing to...
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