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    We have a Stork building a nest on the Electric Pylon, 15 metres away from our bedroom, how quaint you are thinking, don't be fooled, the bloody thing is clacking its beak all night and waking us up, bring back the Ramadan Drummer. :42:
  2. S


    I saw a stork circling the skies over Dalaman yesterday. Does that mean spring is officially here now?
  3. V

    First Storks arrive in Dalyan

    Spotted Dalyan's first storks of the year in Gulpinar today...summer is definitely just around the corner! Our resident storks who nest on our neighbour's roof in Okcular havent arrived yet but I'm sure they will be here anytime now! Lasy year it was mid March but two years back it was a really...
  4. v6cod

    The storks are back (and other birds)

    Saw my first stork in flight over Okcular this year last night, great stuff. Had a buzzard soaring over the house this morning but it was so high I couldn't get a clear shot of it but the silhoutte I think was definately of a buzzard. Also had a male stonechat. Goldfinch and Little Owl...
  5. R

    Storks Leaving Dalyan

    For anyone thats interested... Today at around 11.30 to 12' o clock we saw the most amazing thing. We looked up at the sky and noticed about 6 storks circling around together then on further inspection we spotted a much bigger group to the side of these the most we have ever seen - about 100...
  6. R

    Storks Arriving Turkey

    We heard that Storks have started making their annual trip to Turkey from Africa. They have been spotted first this year earlier than normal in Kusadasi. :20: We are looking out to see when they appear in their old nests in the Dalyan area. As soon as we spot them we will post again for anyone...
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