1. C

    Camera store

    Is there a store in Manavgat that sells professional cameras, or do I need to venture to Antalya or Alanya to find one? Thanks!
  2. C

    Apple store

    Is there anywhere nearby to buy a macbook charger? Thanks in advance :)

    Guinness store house

    When most tourist visit Ireland they usually do things like viewing the Book of Kells,Kissing the Blaney Stone or visiting the Cliffs of Mother. Last night i was chatting to Serbian bloke who was ranting and raving about how good the Guinness tour was...and I know Mrs Queen has been there. So...
  4. MiddleEarth

    Windows Phone Store scam

    I was almost taken in by this. A friend asked me about an antivirus and antimalware program for their Windows phone. We use Avast Mobile Security on our Android phones and tablets. I tried to find if it is available for Windows phone also. Evidently it is not? Or is it? This notice is from...
  5. Frank&Mary

    new tansas store in Yalikavak

    It looks kike a new Tansas supermarket is opening in Yalikavak vilaage, just facing th dolmus station. Sign suggests it opened today (10:00) but there was still a bit of last minute finishing of activity as we walked past earlier today. Goos on shelf and doors open though.
  6. Dreamy

    Run an Internet Business from Turkey without working permission?

    I wonder, can foreigners open internet stores, or do you need a working permission first?
  7. Dreamy

    Opening a store in Turkey without work permit?

    I read so much about working permittion. In the same time there are foreigners who owns stores? At least it looks like it. If I was to open a clothing store - what would the rules be if I dont have the permittion to work? Some says that I can be there, choose the clothes and stay around as long...
  8. hayabusa

    Ikea store Nr. Dalaman ?.....

    Does anyone know where there is or if there is IKEA furniture store near Dalaman or Mugla ?...... Bought some furniture from Ortaca, but was not impressed with the state of the damaged furniture delivered.
  9. hayabusa

    DIY Store in Mugla

    Hi all, Does anyone know if there is a DIY store in Mulga ?..... I was told by a Turkish man in Turkey last year that there is, it's similar to B&Q but cannot remember what it was called or where it was.......
  10. S

    Second Hand Book Store in Alanya

    A good second hand book store is to be found on a small street 50 m from the big mosque on Harbour street (Iskele Caddesi). Street right across Dogan Leder. Name is Eskici Kitapevi. They have a good selection in many different languages...
  11. M

    New Kipa Store

    New Kipa store opening soon on Hospital Road in front of the Sunflower Apartments:)
  12. yalimart

    how to store olives

    Ive got about 3 kilos of chunky black olives from my tree curing at the moment, probably got another 3 weeks to go before they taste ok, im curing them in brine. any tips on how to store them ? got some earlier ones in a brine,wine vinegar solution topped with olive oil at the moment just...
  13. C

    Computer store

    Hi all, I hope that this message finds you well! The reason I am messaging is that my computer crashed. It refuses to boot and so after a long journey yesterday to find an external hard drive and a cord to connect my laptop's hard drive in order to recover the files, I am in the process of...
  14. JBK44

    DIY store or hire

    Does anyone know where I can buy or hire a hammer drill and bits for my holidays? I agree it sounds like top of this list for our holiday but needs must? Can't wait to see the new harbour area and Datca.
  15. teosgirl

    Grr, Itunes store won't sell in Turkey

    Hi, I recieved an Ipod Touch for Christmas and I've been getting to grips with it for the last few days. Last night I tried to purchase music from the Apple Itunes store but it says because I'm in Turkey I can't make the purchase. Would this problem be solved if I changed my main computers IP...
  16. I

    Music store????

    Can anyone tell me if there is a music store in Turgutries & if so where it is located. I have just started learning the guitar but I need some plectrums. Any advice will be a big help. Thanks
  17. Smiler_Belfast

    Is the Carrefour store like Spain

    If we go self catering is the Carrefour store similar to those in Spain, does it stock the usual euro products and a selection of items similar to the the usual British equivilants? Sorry if thats a nieve question but it will be our first time in Turkey. :fear: Smiler
  18. A

    HOME DEPO Furniture store announcement

    Grand opening 5th May 2010 at 12.00 o’clock everybody invited Everyone is invited to join us for the Grand Opening of our furniture store, HOME DEPO on 5th May. Opening day 50% off on selected items and Exclusive offers We will also be serving complimentary drinks and snacks throughout the...
  19. ceemac

    Girls go mad at store opening

    This is feckin madness; They waited for hours on the opening of the new clothing store and then spilled inside, destroying everything. The protagonists of this video footage taken during the inauguration of the first H&M store in Toulouse, France, are all customers waiting to buy the limited...
  20. keny

    D I Y Store , Didim

    Does anyone know if this new store sells TV's and slot-in electric ovens?We kneed both when we come in a few weeks.Ant information on makes/prices would be very helpful.Thank you in anticipation. Keny.
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