1. juco

    Cloud storage

    I am currently imaging all my old `film` pictures, I need send them off once its done to 3 recipients. The file size will probably be 2 GB (or more) Do I send the file (s) to cloud and then they can download from there? How do I access Cloud as never used it before? Can I delete the file once...
  2. F


    Hi everyone, A new member who has just bought a place in the beautiful town of Fethiye. As our apartment is on the 3rd floor, I need a place to store my bicycle(s). Are there any storage facilities in and around Fathiye, pls.?
  3. R

    boat storage in Akbuk area

    I am bringing a boat to Akbuk in June it is approx 18ft long and am looking for somewhere to store it whilst I am not in Turkey, does anyone know of any storage availability in or around Akbuk.
  4. L

    Bike storage required

    Can anyone help me? I'm looking for a secure lockup space for our mountain bikes. at the moment they are cluttering up my apartment. Its getting a bit of an issue so I'm looking for space for two maybe 3 bikes. Happy to pay.
  5. L

    Storage Facilities in Ovacik/Fethiye area?

    Does anyone know of any storage facilities in the Ovacik/Fethiye area? Thanks Lynda
  6. F

    Garden storage box

    Hi. Can anyone suggest where I can buy a waterproof (plastic) garden storage box in Marmaris? Thanks for any suggestions.
  7. J


    is there any place in kusadasi that would store a scooter for the winter months at a reasonable cost thanks
  8. SiHunt

    Temporary storage

    My first post on this forum so fingers crossed. Just sold our house in Dalyan (furnished) and have to remove all our personal effects by mid July but at that time will not have anywhere to store them, we move here permanently in October this year but need somewhere to store our stuff in the...
  9. culturevulture

    Armchair.......recliner and storage. 75 TL.

    For Sale........75TL. Large comfy armchair, recliner with storage. Perfect condition. Buyer must collect from Didim. Mary.
  10. K


    Does anybody know of anywhere in the Gumusluk area where it is possible to store some boxes containing household items whilst looking for a house to buy I.e. container storage type of thing.
  11. B

    Help!! Storage bed stuck in upright position!

    I have wriggled it! I have tried to cajole it! I have used brute force! My bed is stuck up and not going anywhere!! I remember someone else had this problem some time ago and i have been trying to find the thread to no avail. Can anyone advise please?
  12. Yalides

    Storage box

  13. D


    Does anyone know of a good storage company for personal belongings and household goods ?
  14. J


    Hi. Does anyone know where you can securely store furniture in the Side area? Thanks.
  15. C

    Storage Needed

    Dear All Does anyone in Alanya know of somewhere i can store furniture as i really dont want to sell my stuff.Thanks Ceylin
  16. Helenm150

    Storage bed stuck!

    My double storage bed is stuck in the up position and as hard as I pull down on the strap it won't come down - anyone got any tips for getting it closed before bedtime please? It is a Yatas Gasomatic double storage bed. Thanks, Helen :drama:
  17. T


    Can anyone tell me if there is any storage facilities in Alanya? I want to store some furniture. Any help will be appreciated.
  18. H

    cold water storage tank - request for help

    Hi, I am sick of having no water because my sites pump is stuck or the tank is empty, so I want to place a storage tank on my roof.I will be coming out this month especially to do this job. I reckon that will give me enough water pressure, so my question is; Can anyone please tell me where I...
  19. S

    Furniture Removal/or Storage from Altinkum to UK

    Hi, Does anyone know if I get furniture stored in Altinkum or brought back to the UK. Many Thanks Sapphire
  20. pembelu

    black silver sofa set for sale and shoe storage unit etc

    black /silver sofa set for sale 2 x 3 seater + one armchair 500tl black shoe storage unit 75tl can deliver after the 15th for small fee within Koycegiz area may not be able to respond to PMs much as v busy til 15th thanks pls PM for more info :-)
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