1. juco

    Latest Rolling Stones release

    The Rolling Stones - Living In A Ghost Town (Official Video) - YouTube
  2. christella

    the rolling stones

    they gave a free show in Cuba last night anybody know how it can be watched i know a lot of us OAPs would love to see it
  3. C

    kidney stones

    just been to the hospital with my hubby as hes been in agony they say he has a kidney stone.and if it doesnt pass they will have to operate.anyone whos had this problem any info would be very helpfull. thanks in advance
  4. B

    Rolling Stones.

    Couple of days late I know, but 50 years of the Rolling Stones. A brilliant band in my opinion. Bill.
  5. Sunny Seasider

    The Beatles v The Rolling Stones

    Just for a bit of fun Guys and Gals, who did you follow? The Beatles or the Rolling Stones? The Beatles are set to release their CD soon, and is set to zoom to No.1 in the Charts. I was a Rolling Stones fan, whoa Mick Jagger, although I also had to listen to The Beatles almost 24/7, because my...
  6. ceemac

    Don't Throw Stones in Turkey

    The Turkish Supreme Court of Appeals has ruled that a soldier who shot at a group of protesters throwing stones and killing one in Turkey’s Southeast could not be punished because of the “special circumstances of the region.” Here C
  7. A

    Subo does Rolling Stones classic

    You have to listen to this I think it's amazing Unfortunately I can't seem to show the link. Can anyone help. It is going to be Susan Boyles single release from her new album. It's "Wild Horses" but not as we know it. She has such a pure voice
  8. M


    hi not the stones, but coloured stones for the garden anyone know were we could get them in bodrum,want to tidy up our garden when we go out at easter cheers mikey
  9. C

    Music legend who signed Aretha and the Stones dies

    From,,11069-2506716,00.html Ahmet Ertegun, one of the most influential figures in modern music, who helped shape the careers of Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones, has died in New York. He was 83. Ertegun, who helped found...
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