1. MiddleEarth

    Restored Old Stone Village House near Kaş

    Restored Old Stone Village House near Kaş on the Mediterranean Coast. Renovation of an old village house, completely rewired/plumbed. Çukurbağ village is 15 minutes by road from the centre of Kaş and the coast. The house sits at 600 meters elevation and is cool enough in the summer that klima...
  2. yalimart

    Cast the first stone

    Car Thief In Ireland Felled By Rock Bounce-Back and A little bit of light hearted news but well deserved ! Martin
  3. C

    the Blarney stone

    It has been announced, after recent tests, that the Blarney stone after years of rumour and speculation, is in fact, just a piece of local rock! Scientists from the university of Glasgow after testing a small piece of the rock, have announced that it is a type of limestone from the south of...
  4. arrian

    Weather Stone

    Weathe Measuring Stone, probably more accurate than the forecasters!
  5. A

    Stone bbq

    I may want a stone bbq building out side my villa next year maybe in the winter any ideas on who could do it and the cost.
  6. JBK44

    Stone House

    Hi all, I hope it is cooling down a little for those of you in Datca, July was very hot. This is a little practical request, our house is very porous and soaks in the water during the winter months. In the UK I would spray with silicone to form a waterproof coating however is there something...
  7. P

    Decorative stone

    Does anyone know where I can buy decorative stone chippings/slate for ground cover? So far all I have found the usual grey chippings like they use for road surfacing. Any help appreciated.
  8. Mojive

    52 Stone and Sexy,Eeek....but each to there own???

    For so many reasons, One word Stupid!!!! IMho....your thoughts please...... World's fattest mum Susanne Eman wants to be heaviest ever | The Sun |News
  9. L

    Rosetta Stone Turkish course

    Hi Has anyone purchased the Rosetta Stone Turkish course? I did and bought all levels and began with level 1. I found it rather difficult for level 1 even though I already have GCSE Turkish and level 2 Turkish (just completed at night school). They were using all tenses on level 1 with no...
  10. A

    How to fill cracks between kayrak (Bodrum stone) floor paving

    How to fill cracks between kayrak (Bodrum stone) floor paving? Does anyone know how to stop water seeping through any gaps/cracks? Would cement+sand be OK? Or is there some good proprietary filler available for that purpose?
  11. L

    Capt kelvin Stone

    Hi all TLFers There is a fraudster going by the name of CAPT KELVIN STONE who is wanting to buy your property, he is trying all sites including Owners Direct. He claims to be a Captain in the US Marine Corps stationed in Iraq and him and his men did a raid and found around 16.5 Million dollars...
  12. arrian

    Turning to stone!

    i cannot imagine what this young woman is going through, even though she seems so cheerful! Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva : Woman rushes down the aisle before rare disease turns her into statue | Mail Online
  13. M

    Cleaning stone floors

    Can anyone give me advice on how to clean stone floors please, we've been quoted 700tl to sand down our lounge/dining area it's about 36f/15f, at that price I'd rather see if there are any good cleaning products I can buy here in Turkey and do it myself. Thanks.
  14. yalimart

    stone chips

    This takes the biscuit for stone chips ! This was just up the road from my house, I passed it within minutes of it happening, it sent a bit of a shiver down my spine Five-tonne boulder falls on car - Yahoo! Cars martin
  15. Mary

    Garden Problems-bodrum Stone Quotes Required

    Hi all, Having returned from the villa we have now thought about having Bodrum Stone for the garden. We have tried everything, medicine weed killer you name it tried it, tested it, used it, bought it, pulled it, screemed at it, dug it, kicked it, blasted it, set fire to it, danced around it...
  16. M

    Stone troughs and barbecue wanted

    Hi everybody, We would like to put some stone troughs/planters and a stone (or cement) barbecue on our terrace. They all need to be heavy enough to withstand the storms in Yalikavak. We looked in Koctas but couldn't find anything suitable. I think I saw some on the road from Ortakent to...
  17. G

    Stone chippings and Gravel

    Having spent a fortune on having our garden grassed after last years drought we have been left with just weeds. Would like to to put stone/gravel chippings down. Does anyone know if and where this can be obtained locally? Thanks.
  18. keny

    rosetta stone

    Has anyone used the online version of the course to learn turkish?If so what is your opinion and what use has it been when speaking to the turkish? Keny.
  19. lilacdiana

    rosetta stone language course

    Has anyone (or know anyone else who has) used the Rosetta Stone language course? Thet have done a lot of advertising lately on TV and include a Turkish language course.
  20. Struggs

    Free Rosetta Stone Language CD
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