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    Private Turkish tutor needed - Stockport area

    Hi can anyone help me, I'm looking for a tutor to teach my 2boys Turkish. They r 4 and 8 years of age and we live in Stockport area,not far from Manchester. There dad is Turkish but works there and I live n work here and we would like our child to learn their fathers language. Any help with be...
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    Turkish Lessons in Stockport

    Hi Can you please advise if you still teach Turkish Lessons in Stockport. If so can you tell me where they take place, day, time and cost. Many thanks. Norah
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    Merhaba from Stockport

    We bought a holiday home in Gumbet on the same complex as Sandpearse in June 2004. It is jointly owned with my daughter/son-in-law (Catherine and Ben) and sister-inlaw and her husband(Maggie and Paul). We manage to get over to Gumbet twice a year, and have made some good Turkish friends. Brenda...
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