1. A

    Amazon fire stick

    Hi does anyone use an amazon fire stick in Turkey and if so can they be bought from Turkey? At the moment we watch Netflix through our Xbox but need some new content having watched all that we enjoy.
  2. christella

    Fire stick

    Looking for advice to buy one I believe they can be used in turkey but I want one for here in England anybody got one
  3. L

    Amazon Fire Stick

    Was wondering if anyone in Turkey is using an Amazon Fire Stick. Was told that they can be used in Turkey, but would rather believe personal comments on the possible use of this in Turkey. We are at present watching UK tv when we are over using Live Film on TV via our tablet. many thanks...
  4. the bueman

    Amazon Fire Stick £25

    Hi Guys Had to share this.....Amazon Fire Stick selling at £25 each....just bought 2. Now the good can install XBMC/KODI upon the Stick and use to watch free sports, Movies etc. Enjoy
  5. MiddleEarth

    Intel Compute Stick -- Why?

    Intel Compute Stick with Ubuntu Linux is cheaper than Windows version "INTEL'S MYTHICAL Compute Stick has started to appear as a pre-order item from some retailers. For anyone who doesn't have Microsoft on their agenda, there is an option to save $40 and get a preinstalled Linux flavour instead...
  6. H

    Roku streaming stick

    Bought one of these for my TV in the UK. Brilliant. My geeky son has suggested getting a router with built in VPN in Turkey and connecting to my VPN enabled router in the UK which should allow unfettered access to all the programmes/apps on the Roku stick. Anybody tried it?
  7. A

    Memory Stick

    Hello. I have a Toshiba 8GB memory stick. Tried to add info this morning but cannot gain access. Error message appears that file cannot be found. This is case with all files on the stick. Have tried acessing as administrator but still no luck. Light on stick flashes when plugged into laptop but...
  8. Talkinman

    Copy films to USB stick

    I want to bring out some of my DVD films to watch during our long stay this year, I bought myself a 64gig USB stick but find I am having trouble transferring them to the stick. Is there a program I can use to help me with this? I dont mind if I have to pay for one. It could be that the films are...
  9. B

    stick together

    hi all what l see here on every thread moaning about bad managment companys or bad builders etc. why dont you try stick together and lookafter eachother (all english peoples who got house in turkey), like in england carabians, indians, kurdish, turkish, pakistani, they all stick together and...
  10. Andy

    Free HVCA USB memory stick

    It doesn't say what size it is but i would think no bigger that a 2GB. Just fill out the form with address and email, i always put in a false Tel No just in case ? USB request form
  11. ceemac

    Refusing the walking stick

    After years of relying on financial support, Turkey's economy is in good health, but unemployment is just one of the problems that must be faced. Here C
  12. immac

    Infected Memory Stick

    When I had a major infection on my computer, I saved everything to a 16GB Memory Stick and wiped everything from computer and started again. I now have a clean computer and a memory stick loaded with infected files. Tried to wipe/reformat it yesterday and the infections (mainly...
  13. T

    Should I stick with the original photo

    new avatar is it any better I wonder? or should I stick with the professionally taken and airbrushed original Thurstan
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