1. Mushtaq

    Steve Bannon removed from White House role

    Steve Bannon has been removed from his post as White House chief strategist, ending his highly contentious career at the center of the Trump administration. Steve Bannon's work is done. Donald Trump can fire him now | Justin Gest A statement attributed to the White House press secretary was...
  2. Yalides

    Steve & Sue

    Happy birthday Steve or Sue.
  3. Sunny Seasider

    Happy Birthday Steve Smith

    Here's wishing you have a great day Steve, and here's to many more. :cheers: I hope you are progressing well and no more setbacks for you.:pressie:
  4. L

    Steve Gorman, Eastern Promise

    Hi Can Anyone Help shed some light on this man and his family company. I have just found out 7 days prior to commencement of our holiday in Kusadasi that the villa we have booked is unsafe and we have no where to stay!!!! All monies had been paid up to date and the web page for the company has...
  5. Carolyn

    Steve prince/eu pet travel

    Re: Steve Prince, trading as EU Pet Travel. A list is being compiled of all those people who have paid him money for services not rendered, including anyone who has already returned to the UK having paid twice to repatriate their pets. In order to avoid duplication and create a central...
  6. S

    Thanks Shirleyann and Bev and Steve

    I have been using this forum for several years - i'm not one of the most active posters or thread starters but dip in most days for a look around. We got back from Turkey last week and before we went and whilst we were there I asked for some help and advice. Before we went I needed to get a...
  7. Y

    Steve Gorman -eastern promise warning removed ??????

    Can anyone tell me why the comments regarding Steve of Eastern Promise have all been moved ??? These were good warnings for other to see. Im now a very confused new forum user.
  8. H

    Steve Gorman Eastern Promise

    Hi All, Hope someone can help. My husband and myself have been trying to contact Steve Gorman of Eastern Promise for the past while. We used him a couple of times to rent a villa on Long Beach. There is no answer from his phone numbers for the past while or reply from his email address. Does...
  9. teosgirl

    Steve hughs - raw

    If you're easily offended, look away now - keep watching until the end, this guy is hilarious.
  10. I

    Dalyan Steve

    I am sorry to say that my beloved husband and soul mate, Steve Traynor, died on Monday 28th November...... He will always be with me and his family and friends. I am so grateful for the 35 years of wonderful life we had together and will cherish the beautiful memories always. I love you...
  11. S

    Steve Bruce sacked

    First Prem manager casaulty of the season
  12. niyaz

    Steve Traynor

    I have had no reply from you via email, Steve. Are you alright? You did tell me that you have gone to the hospital. And I hope you get better soon if you are still a bit under the weather. Kind regards niyaz
  13. McDHibs

    Steve Jobs Dies

    Apple Supremo Steve Jobs has died this morning. Very simple tribute from Apple Apple (United Kingdom)
  14. tinkycarol

    Steve Martin - plastic surgery?

    Just got back in from seeing the new Meryl Streep film "It's complicated" which I really enjoyed and thought was funny. However, I couldn't get over Steve Martin, the actor...what is going on with his face? I couldn't tell if it was botox or the windtunnel look from too much plastic surgery...
  15. barry budd

    Steve & Alex

    Many people around the yalikavak -- gumesluk & the bodrum area, new Steve & his son Alex they had to return to the UK 20 months ago, Well Alex is doing OK & Steve has recently had a quadruple Heart bypass he seems to be doing ok.He hopes to return to turkey for a holiday next year if there...
  16. sandpearse

    Happy Birthday Steve aka Mayor of Gumbet

    Let me be one of the first to wish you a Very Happy Birthday Steve. I wish you a fun filled day, which knowing you, I am sure you will have! Lots of Love, Sandra x x
  17. Fastlady

    Steve & Patricia

    hi all, I was very good friends with this very outgoing 'couple' (if you know them you'll know what I mean!) in Marmaris in winter 07/spring 08 but lost touch with them last summer. Steve hosted a few karaoke nights in Icmeler and was great fun. I'd love to catch up with them again if anyone...
  18. Andy

    ukizooks (Steve) Birthday

    Happy Birthday Steve hope you have a great day & get what you want on this special day. Enjoy it. Best Wishes :3: :pressie: Andy
  19. peter the postie

    Please help save Steve's place

    Please read and sign this one guys....
  20. wiuru

    Steve & Terri Fund

    I am sure many of you will be following the plight of our friends Terri & Steve and the nightmare they have been through with their van (please read the thread Uk Registered Car trouble). I and a few others I know would like to start a fund and donate some cash to help Terri & Steve but don't...
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