1. Harem

    Charges at ATM's for drawing Sterling

    It seems that almost all the banks are now charging varying percentages for withdrawing Sterling from their ATM's. What is the alternative so as not to lose too much from our measly pensions?
  2. mamish

    Sterling transfers and ATM withdrawals

    Is it just me or is anyone else having problems transferring GBP from a UK account to a GBP account in Turkey? Both HSBC and Transferwise will only deliver the money in TL. HSBC also seems to have stopped delivering Sterling from their ATMs - even using a UK HSBC card - and others will only...
  3. suecheshireuk

    Sterling deposit accounts.

    Just wondering, as I almost hijacked the Watch the lira now thread. Are there sterling deposit accounts over there in Turkey, I can't remember myself. If so any recommendations please. Thanks. xx
  4. mollag

    Sterling exchange.

    Does anyone have any current news on exchanging Sterling for Lira in Turkey? We tried PTT, they exchanged once, second visit we were given short shrift [different teller] HSBC refused point blank, even though we are Premium members [UK not Turkey] Garanti exchanged on production of our Turkish...
  5. G

    sterling transfer from uk

    Hi, what is the most cost effective way to transfer large sums of sterling from the uk to a turkish bank, without incurring charges?
  6. mollag

    Changing Sterling.

    We are used to taking Sterling with us and changing in Turkey, last year HSBC refused us even though we are HSBC premier [uk] customers. Garanti changed for us with no bother. This year Garanti refused without the presentation of a Turkish ID card or a turkish tax number, scratching around now...
  7. M

    Guaranti, how to trans TL to sterling acct

    Hi I am trying to trans my TL to sterling account. Guaranti have told me to go on the Investment tab then Currency menu (but there isn't one). I then want to send the money to the UK via SWIFT. Can anyone give me an "idiots guide" of how to do it please? Thanks (in advance) I want to...
  8. C

    Transferring sterling to Turkish account

    Hi Does anyone have any ideas on the best and cheapest way to transfer sterling from the UK to my Garanti bank in Turkey without having to pay large amounts of charges. Thanks in advance
  9. juco

    Sterling to Euro

    For those that holiday outside Turkey (assuming I am reading this correctly) it would appear there is a good chance the exchange rate could improve towards 1.30 in the coming months from the current 1.17.
  10. keny

    Transfer sterling to UK

    Has anyone transfered using F orex or similar? What do turkish banks charge to transfer money to UK?Thanks if you can help.
  11. H

    Problems changing sterling to lira

    I went to Mugla today to change some sterling to lira. I went to two banks (Ing bank and garanti bank) and both asked for Turkish id along with my uk passport. When I explained that I had no such Id they refused to change the money. Has anybody else had this problem?
  12. A

    Sterling and Brexit

    I know that the answer is probably "How long is a piece of string?" The Pound is currently weakening against the Lira. As I understand currency values there is something called parity between major currencies such as the Pound, Dollar and Euro. Is the pound losing value against these...
  13. juco

    Sterling in cash

    Anyone have an idea how much Sterling the banks in Didim are likely to have as I may want £2k when I am next out there for some funding. I am just wondering if it would need to be ordered in advance. I could email them but unlikely to get a reply going from experience.
  14. S

    Sterling money transfers?

    Hi all, After some info again! We're (hopefully) selling our house next week and the buyers have agreed to pay us in sterling (turkish couple), my problem is that they paid the deposit at 9am this morning, sterling to sterling account and its still not showing in our account, on phoning the...
  15. E

    Sterling alanya

    Doe's anyone know of any other bank ATM in Alanya that pay's out sterling as the teb bank has stopped. Thanks
  16. V

    Sterling to Lira

    What is the exchange rate in Turkey Today, is it better than UK, It was 4.05 today.
  17. A

    Sterling cheques

    Does any of you wonderful people know if it's possible to pay a sterling cheque drawn on a UK account into a sterling account in at a bank Turkey?
  18. C

    Lira or Sterling

    Hi, We are returning to Side in August and was after some advice, is it better to take Lira or Sterling with us. A lot of the supermarkets in the UK have stopped selling Liras and the online stores are offering around 330 L to the £. What would you get in Side. Thanks in advance.
  19. E

    Sterling ATM

    Can anyone please inform me, if there is a cash machine in or around Alanya that gives out sterling?:
  20. shirleyanntr

    Costs of withdrawing Sterling from ATMs in Turkey

    i took 300 GBS from TEB on Monday and just checked my lloyds internet bank and they charged me 4.50 for foreign cash and 2 for using the machine i thought taking sterling wasnt charged
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