1. bickern

    10 steps to cut XP security risks.

    Hot on the heels of a debate on another thread. My first advice is dump Internet explorer and use a supported browser that updates. Make sure you have Antivirus, Spyware, Malware software installed and updated on a regular or daily basis. Many freebies available...
  2. K

    pool steps

    HI All, Has anyone got some swimming pool steel steps for sale. Hope its hot out there be there very soon cant wait. cheers
  3. Y

    Steps for outdoor paint project

    Steps for outdoor paint project The first step to get started in the outdoor project is to prepare the surface to be painted. The masked glass windows in your house, you need to. To do this easily, you can use old newspapers and painter, Masking tape. Next, you can delete the ditch, spray, or...
  4. Y

    Positive steps to bridge the ever widening gap?

    Another thread on feeling a foreigner in the country in which you live is a bit relevant to this ... but I feel thats going in a different direction so have started a new thread. (hope thats OK) I had said on that thread how strongly I felt the difference in attitudes in the present day...
  5. Tess

    Northern Ireland - One step forward, two steps back. Very sad.

    A very sad incident in Northern Ireland in my opinion. Someone who is elected Mayor should surely be representative of all religions in the City. Otherwise, step down. Would sound fair to me. I cannot imagine you can be someones Mayor and not Mayor to everyone. Another confidence failure on how...
  6. Lemonhead

    Turkey Steps Out

    I think a number of his points aren't seen by most American. They're too busy eating from the anti-Iran buffet. Turkey Steps Out
  7. KKOB

    Tracing the steps of St. Nicholas in southern Turkey

    Among the many places associated with Christmas, the Church of St. Nicholas in Antalya’s Demre district carries special meaning for its visitors, both Christians and non-Christians alike. Demre: Tracing the steps of St. Nicholas in southern Turkey - Hurriyet Daily News
  8. peter the postie

    H from the group Steps has died

    Terrible news ........ .............. ..............
  9. N

    Property purchase - steps to follow

    Re: Builder run around My lawyer explained everything to me clearly while i was in a process to buy my apartment from Didim. 1- According to Turkish Laws and regulations we (as foreigners) are not allowed to buy a land or a property (apartment, villa, etc.) until we receive the military...
  10. W

    Tuzla Park Lake Resort

    Hi, has anyone out there bought an apartment in Tuzla Park Resort?
  11. YogiPJ

    Decency - 7 steps to world peace

    Decency The key to personal peace, world peace, and eternal peace © 2003 by Mark Macy Our future happiness depends on decency. That's true in every sense—not just in worldly affairs (people getting along with other people, nations getting along with other nations), but also in other-worldly...
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