1. G

    Re: Upright Steam Cleaners

    Re: Upright Steam Cleaners Hi there, could anyone let me know the best upright steam cleaner I can get over here please as our feedback on the best brand would be very helpful. Thank you and look forward to your replies.
  2. L

    Steam Mop

    Does anyone know of an X5 Steam Mop Stockist in Fethiye please? I know this has been answered before, but only by a PM.
  3. B

    Steam Cleaner

    Good Morning Would like some info on steam cleaners that I can purchase in Turkey. I would prefer the upright variety not the one that you carry on your shoulder, as it is mainly to use as a steam mop. Alternatively, does anyone have one for sale, near to Koycegiz area. Thanks in advance...
  4. CKPR

    Steam Cleaning

    Can anyone advise of a Steam Cleaning company to clean our suite and dinning room chairs. I have tried Aegean Coast Properties but they no longer do it. We are in Yalikavak. Thanks
  5. S

    steam mops

    Does anybody know if you can buy steam mops in Turkey??? I am thinking of buying one but is it worth buying it here and taking it with me. I have never seen one in Metro or anywhere else, has anybody bought one? Thanks Sue
  6. CKPR

    Upholstery Steam Cleaning

    We are looking to have our suite and dinning room chairs cleaned. Can anyone advise who is good around the Yalikavak/Bodrum area. Thanks
  7. R

    Russell Hobbs Vacuum - Bosch Steam Iron For Sale

    Russell Hobbs Bagless Vacuum for sale. Russell Hobbs Powercyclonic 2000, 2000W. Hepa Filtration, with spare filter. Bought in the UK, approx 10 months old. Compact & lightweight, all tools as new. ~Reason for sale, returning to the UK. 100TL Bosch Steam Iron for sale, Superb Iron, with...
  8. Joe in Tasucu

    Steam gets in your eyes.

    Whilst in Istanbul recently our nieces took us to smoke nargiles. I asked how come they weren't banned by the smoking ban. The girls pointed out that there was a kind of sprinkler system in the ceiling that were spurting out steam at regular intervals. They said this got round the ban. Does...
  9. PASH

    Renting a steam cleaner

    Hi all, does anyone know where i can rent a steam cleaner in or around Yalikavak? Any help would be much appreciated
  10. M

    Steam Irons

    Can anyone tell me if distilled water is available in the Altinkum area? I have always used this for my steam iron to prevent limescale buld-up. Various irons have packed up over the years but, not through limescale. I buy a gallon container from a local pharmacy here in the UK. Is this...
  11. B

    Steam cleaner

    Hi all. has anybody seen a place where i can rent a steam cleaner? the old three piece is looking a bit on the grim side,the carpets dont look the best either, any help would be greatly appreciated, :couch2:
  12. merlin

    Steam Broilers....

    Just a thought - a lot of Turkish dishes can be so easily prepared in one of those stack steam broilers. Example Here.... They are so so expensive here 180-200YTL for the Tefal compared to 35 pounds in...
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