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    Long yearly stays

    Our residency expires in August this year. We normally come to Turkey at the end of April for just over two months and return in September for another two months. Can anyone help in how is the best way to achieve this (if any) by way of visa residency or both. Surely there must be others in a...
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    Men, Violence, and Free Hotel Stays

    Man requests protection officer due to domestic violence
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    What stays in your memory as a child

    I can always remember my first two wheeler bike. Two tone purple, when I saw it by the christmas tree nothing else was important. That bike gave me so many happy memories I truly loved it. What was your best Christmas present ? :255ji:
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    pet passports short term stays

    Hi, I am just looking to purchase a place in kas and have a small dog who when I go there for 6 weeks + would want to take her with me. Can you do this in Turkey does it work the same as in eec countries where you get the passport and then get the pet certified by vet before you leave UK and...
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