1. Tenpin

    News Statue of Türkiye’s first elected female mayor damaged

    Statue of Türkiye’s first elected female mayor damaged Extract: The statue of Türkiye’s first female city mayor, Müfide İlhan, has been attacked and its head and hands have been stolen in the...
  2. Camden

    Info Roman Emperor Hadrian Statue found.

    Roman emperor’s statue discovered in Aydın Archaeological excavations in the ancient city of Alabanda in the western province of Aydın have brought to light the fragments of the statue of Roman Emperor Publius Aelius Traianus Hadrianus. The statue is believed to date back 1,900 years. The...

    Colston statue

    So the Colston statue in Bristol was rightly pulled down yesterday. Are there any statues you would like pulled from their plinth.
  4. bickern

    India spends £330MILLION of £1billion UK foreign aid on GIANT BRONZE STATUE

    BRITONS are outraged after the Indian government spent hundreds of millions of the £1.17billion of overseas aid sent to them by the UK. While the UK was sending India £1.17billion in aid, the Indian government was spending nearly half of that on the world’s tallest statue. This new statue is...
  5. S

    No statue for Mad thatcher

    Well I for one am angered Plan for statue of Mrs Thatcher outside Commons blocked | Daily Mail Online Outraged, Tunbridge Wells
  6. immac

    Gandhi Statue

    I´m sure he was a lovely fellow, but why has a statue to Gandhi been put outside UK Houses of Parliament? Is it vote chasing by PC politicians, or is there some less cynical reason I am missing? New Gandhi statue unveiled in London's Parliament Square | World news | The Guardian Ian
  7. Yalides

    Wooden cat statue

    50TL ono
  8. teosgirl

    Ocalan Statue

    Highly unlikely this will happen, but how can a political party call for the erection of a statue of a convicted mass murderer who is currently imprisoned by the state? POLITICS - BDP wants Öcalan statue Charlotte
  9. shirleyanntr

    Edirne's 'erotic' statue

    theres a statue in Edirne thats causing some problems... her naked charms and outstretched arms calling for the liberation of women is deemed to be erotic and the 'good' people of Edirne want her pulled down Weird really when you think of all the naked Greek statues of antiquity when the human...
  10. R

    Turtle Statue Moved

    This afternoon we noticed that the roundabout near Isbank in Dalyan, the one the Belediye have been digging out over the past couple of days - was being filled with the Turtle Statue from just around the corner (the one that was next to Kosem restaurant) They are obviously trying to make it more...
  11. v6cod

    Michaelangelo's statue of David

    Michaelangelo's statue of David has been on a 12 day 20 city tour of the US.
  12. shirleyanntr

    beautiful massive statue found sagalassos

    Encontrada en Sagalassos (Turquía) estatua de Adriano if you're interested in history and ancient sites..or not..this video on youtube is worth having a look at..i dont know how to paste links winks paste this in a google and enjoy it.....nobody says a word on the no worries...
  13. Bryan Sargent

    Statue on Hill in Kusadasi

    Hi, Can anyone tell me about the statue on the hill in Kusadasi near Pigeon Island. It looks like a bird holding a glass of raki. Regards, Bryan
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