1. A

    Petrol Stations

    Yesterday ─░ counted 51 petrol stations between Antalya airport and Side - that.s approx─▒mately one every minute of driving!! Does anyone know anywhere else in the world where there are so many? :wacko:
  2. jandj

    TUV stations

    Is there a standard time for TUV stations to open. In the Izmir area the earlier you get there the better. I think its 08.00, can anyone please advise. Many thanks.
  3. M

    Radio stations via a Tablet

    Hello, Can anyone help I am trying to get BBC radio stations using my TABLET. Mx
  4. R

    English Radio Stations

    Hello TLF, Does any of you out there know if your able to get english radio on the radio rather than get it through the internet. would appreciate any advice or comments. Do those digital radios work that are over in uk. cheers
  5. Yalides

    Petrol stations in Turkey

    A word of warning. We discovered on our latest trip that if you don,t get a receipt for your fuel, which you are supposed to get, then you are going to get ripped off as in the price you pay will not be the advertised one but a higher one and the Attendant will pocket the difference. Got caught...
  6. shazeroo

    Dog & Cat Feeding Stations

    Hi - if you have been into the village recently or around the beach area, you will have noticed lots of new feeding stations - basically 2 feeding bowls in a marked area. The idea is that everyone can take their leftovers, or some dog or cat food and fresh water, at any time, to leave in these...
  7. ceemac

    The Train That Never Stops At Stations

    Incredible... - China : The train that never stops at a station! C
  8. spitfire

    Watch 44 British TV stations on VLC player

    This might be of use to some ex-pats that are missing UK tv. This program lets you watch 44 British TV channels! It works on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. You must have VLC player installed to the default location for your platform in order for it to work. RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting -...
  9. captain

    Tips at petrol stations

    Does anybody tip the guy who fills your fuel tank up for you? or the one who washes the windscreen? I usually give them a couple of lira each - is that about right? Hardly breaks the bank for me but I hope it helps them out a bit if they're relying on tips to make up a decent wage. Doug
  10. Turley

    petrol stations

    Hi Can anybody tell me are the petrol stations out side the airport at bodrum open in the early hours of the morning ie 3am. Also to get bread and milk and water. Thank you lizzy :thanks:
  11. D

    Radio Stations

    First of all we had Then we had Then we had Now we have one of the greatest stations ever.Yes folks RADIO LUXEMBOURG is broadcasting again.Excellent quality as well. Radio Luxembourg - Home Relive your childhood.Remember listening in on your cats...
  12. J

    Radio Stations

    Hello Everyone, Can someone tell me if there is a radio station in Bodrum that have English speaking announcers playing music and news. Thanks, Jen
  13. P

    Radio stations in Bodrum

    Hello everyone! I need some help with radio stations info... namely, when I was in Bodrum a few of weeks ago, I've listened to 2 stations during my stay there: 95,5 and 100 Mhz. Can anyone tell me their names and/or how to get in touch with them (website, email address)? I'd like to leave a...
  14. S

    The stations in the Fun section.

    I can't get any of them to work and I do have the relevent software installed. Is there anything else I should do? It would be great to listen to some Turkish pop while I do the washing up etc.
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