1. Camden

    Bodrum Bus Station

    I see they are building a new Bus Station just outside Bodrum on the Torba road ..have they plans for the old site of the Bus Station ,Market area and oto park ? If so what is it to be ? prime land ...
  2. R

    Dolmus station in Turgutreis

    Can anyone tell me where the dolmus bus station is now in Turgutreis, it seems to have moved from Karabağlı Cd, and is there a direct dolmus to Yalikavak at this time of year. Thanks.
  3. oldfogy

    Bristol Coach station

    Has anyone any knowledge or ever caught the bus to Bristol Airport from Bristol Coach station. Although I was told by a NE driver they run every 10 minutes. Because National Express does not seem to run to Bristol Airport on the day I'm looking at (17th April 2019 returning on 15 June 2019, but...
  4. D

    Dalaman Railway Station

    Dalaman Rail Station | The Old Groaner I am writing in regard to our order of January 1905. [Your Ref; Dlm Lyc 335/1905] I think there may have been a mix up with our order. I very clearly ordered a ten bedroom house with servant’s quarters, two kitchens, a very large dining...
  5. C

    The TLF Weather station

    What has happened to the TLF weather station? when i click on the Bodrum 10 day forecast it comes up as a different page?
  6. R

    Petrol Station

    Hello People, Has anyone any further information on when and if the petrol station in Akbuk is ever likely to re-open?? :thanks:
  7. suzyq

    Haydarpaşa to remain as a station

    Istanbul’s historical Haydarpaşa Train Station will remain as a train station and go into service as the first station of Turkey’s under-construction fast train network, according to plans approved by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The municipality has unanimously voted to revise its...
  8. R

    Good quality Gas station?

    What Gas station sell good quality Diesel? Was advised that a bad tank can really cost you.
  9. T

    Turkey's first Nuclear power station

    As some of you are probably aware, Turkey's first nuclear power station is being built in Akkuyu, Büyukeceli, on the Mediterranean coast. This is about 40 km from us, and there is a new port going to be built here in Taşucu to handle material for it. I was wondering if the presence of a...
  10. T

    Train station near Marmaris?

    Where is the nearest railway station from Marmaris?
  11. A

    bus station in trabzon

    does anyone know if it is far to walk from bus station in trabzon to trabzon city centre please
  12. D

    "Trust Global Radio":- Ex-Pat Radio Station

    If you intend to make a Radio Dedication this morning to Bobby Martin on "trustglobalradio". Don't forget to add your name, where you live, and whom the dedication is for..?? Would you like a Radio Dedication, played out live on air. Then please try - "Trust Global". With British...
  13. N

    Nationwide Radio Station for Classical Music?

    In Istanbul I'd tune in a fabulous fm station devoted to Classical. In most countries there's usually one or a few radio stations which can be heard all over the national territory. Does anyone know if that's true in Turkey? If anyone listens to that classical musical radio station, what's it's...
  14. v6cod

    Mugla Police Station

    Could someone give directions to where the Police station is in Mugla where you have to sign for Number Plates. Thanks

    richborough power station demolished

    This place has been part of our lives for the past 11 years as my husband is site manager there. it has been a long hard haul to get this far. we all found it quite sad to see them go , they have been used in films son of rambow , full metal challenge , top gear , will young videos and many...
  16. Lindacm

    Izmir Bus Station

    Please can anyone tell me where the bus station is in Izmir? I need to take a coach from Izmir to Dalaman in the next couple of weeks and would like to know where I have to go? Can anyone help? Thanks, Linda
  17. teosgirl

    play station 2 and Sony piano for sale

    Hi, We have a play station 2 for sale which has been used a handful of times since it's purchase approx 4-5 years ago. It comes with two steering wheels with acceleration and brake peddles and two hand controllers - plus a few games (will list later) Makes a great second/spare DVD player...
  18. Mushtaq

    Man drives burning tanker from petrol station

    A driver in Turkey has been hailed as a hero after leaping into action when a fuel tanker he was unloading caught fire at a petrol station. This CCTV footage shows the terrifying moment flames shoot up out of the top of the tanker and everyone runs away. Everyone except Koçak, that is...
  19. kiaya

    For sale Play Station 2

    Play Station 2 (slim line) 8mb memory card 2 classic controllers 4 buzz controllers games:- buzz music buzz hollywood gun medal of honor call of duty 2 grand theft auto vice city In excellent condition hardly used 250TL pm if interested, also step exercise machine 60TL
  20. Sirinyergirl

    Izmir airport to bus station travel report

    Hi there .... here is some information on the Izmir airport to bus station (otogar) transfer .... tried and tested by yours truly yesterday. I arrived yesterday in Izmir, got my luggage out to the front entrance and went over to the left to join the small bus queue. Checked out the bus...
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