1. immac

    RTE Important Decision

    Bloomberg reporting that RTE says Turkish Cabinet will make an "important decision" tomorrow (Wed). But nobody is saying what it is! Turkey?s Erdogan Says Cabinet Will Make ?Important Decision? - Bloomberg Ian
  2. suecheshireuk

    printing off a bank statement

    Well, we are totally baffled on this one. We are trying to print off a Garanti bank statement, and all we are getting is the bank logo with no other info on it. Has anyone any ideas? We have in the past printed them off without a problem so can't understand why we now have this problem...
  3. Akasya

    ATAA Statement Re Berkin Elvan

    Most Honourable Respects.... Community Information Service March 13, 2014 / No:497 1526 18th St., NW, Washington, DC 20036 | 202.483.9090 | 202.483.9092 fx | ATAA 34th Annual Turkish American Conference | ATAA's Condolence Message on...
  4. O

    Statement from the European Union on the agreement reached by the Greek Cypriot and T

    EUROPA - PRESS RELEASES - Press release - Statement from the European Union on the agreement reached by the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot leaders on a joint declaration and on the resumption of the negotiations
  5. M

    Save Iztuzu Platform

    After the meeting in which Prof. Yakup Kaska presented DEKAMER's building plans, a Platform has been formed that will fight the plans in court. Since the professor accuses the Platform of spreading wrong information, the Platform has written a statement, which explains in detail what we (do not)...
  6. D

    getting statement from isbank

    for some silly reason i have always been with this incompetent bunch--i tried openning an internet account so i could see what is happening and my standing orders and got no sense with them so i cant see my account (my turkish speaking wife had simular problems with an internet saver with...
  7. teosgirl

    Kurdish administration make a statement for peace

    Kurdish administration in northern Iraq condemns PKK attack - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review “We are stating it clearly that this attack is not serving the Kurdish cause. To the contrary, it is blocking the peaceful paths that are necessary for a solution to this problem,” said the...
  8. KKOB

    Statement From Fethiye Animal Aid Charity

    The statement below by Perihan Agnelli of the Animal Aid Charity in Fethiye has just been published on another forum and raises some interesting points. Dear Friends, After a quiet period of time, I am now very happy to inform you about developments in Fethiye. If you remember, one year...
  9. S

    Bank Statement

    Can anyone please tell me what the following mean on my bank statements ? I know they are charges of some sort as money has come out of my account but what they relate to I have no idea! "para yatirma" "2009 yili 1. yariyil hesap isletim ucreti" Thanks in advance!:help:
  10. D

    help with bank statement

    can someone help with some turkish words on a finansbank statement , i have had some bills? taken out but dont know what each is . one says 3 PAY OTOMATİK FON ALIŞ . whats this? and TEDAŞ MERKEZ TAHSİLATI OTOMATIK i think this is electric as we set up a direct debit for elctricity , then theres...
  11. S

    Blaming agents: Statement of Lagoon Estates Ltd.

    Dear friends, dear forum members, dear customers, After our open invitation; to sort out problems in a civilised and professionel platform, no action is taken by the blaming customer neither by the blaming estate agent. We just wanted to inform all participants of this and the Life in Fethiye...
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