1. S

    Europe starts to reopen

    It's very encouraging to see countries taking steps to move towards relative normality Here in Spain some places are now open, Italy is to open almost entirely early June and today Greece opened beaches etc Greece: Athens residents flock to beach as COVID-19 lockdown eased - YouTube
  2. suzyq

    Amazon starts operations in Turkey Inc. said Wednesday it had launched activities in Turkey, offering products across 15 categories to customers across the country. "We are committed to building our business in Turkey in the coming months by expanding our selection and delivery options," Sam Nicols, country manager...
  3. suzyq

    Turkey starts supplying water to Turkish Cyprus

    A long-awaited pipeline project to deliver fresh water from Turkey to Turkish Cyprus was inaugurated on Oct. 17. Speaking at the opening ceremony of Alaköprü Dam, which is part of the project, called Barış Suyu (Peace Water), President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said Turkish Cyprus will not have...
  4. Peter&Janette

    It's Friday, the weekend starts here!

    Beautiful drive into work this morning. Glorious sunshine and the countryside looking like "this other Eden, demi paradise". Listening to a bit of Northern, ( Hoagy Lands, "The Next In Line" what a tune!) looking at the shades of green passing by, looking forward to the weekend. Even forgot...
  5. mamish

    the 28 Day Challenge starts 27 July

    The Magnet 28 Day Challenge is starting on 27 July! It's all to do with making small changes to how you think, feel, react and respond in order to change your experience of life and what you attract into it. It's an online program, free of charge, based on my work with emotional energy and...
  6. immac

    2014 Taxes and Fines Up

    From Zaman: 1 January 2014 /ANKARA, TODAY'S ZAMAN Turkish consumers will have to pay an average of 3.93 percent more in taxes in 2014 as the Ministry of Finance rang in the new year with hikes to the private consumption tax (ÖTV), the stamp tax, the value-added tax (VAT) and government fines...
  7. L

    Turkish E-visa starts. Border visa ends.

    From YellAli web site dated 12th December 2013 New regulation on e-visa procedure comes into force Following on from YellAli’s article about the new e-visa – “E-visa – Are you Ready?” We can now confirm this new procedure will come into effect.

 YellAli has today received confirmation...
  8. giglets

    Lee Rigby Murder Trial - Jury Selection Starts

    Jury selection has begun in the trial of two men accused of the murder of soldier Lee Rigby. A panel of potential jurors gathered in oak-pannelled Court Two of the Old Bailey today, and were asked four questions to determine their ability to try the case. Michael Adebolajo, 28, and Michael...
  9. mollag

    The future starts here.

    This is the first report , of what will be many, of a Telecom firm abandoning hard wired copper phone lines, I suppose its inevitable that Wireless/optic fibre will be the norm for us all. Mr Post, 85, has a pacemaker that needs to be checked once a month by phone. But the copper wiring that...
  10. M

    Ramazan starts Tuesday 9th July

    Don't forget Ramazan starts on Tuesday 8th July and there's a three day public holiday at the end of it ( Sugar Bayram). Banks and some businesses will be closed 8th-10th August. Get some goodies ready for the kids. Don't worry all you plonkies bars are still open:)
  11. S

    İrish women murder trial starts

    Murder of Irish ladies-accused in court BBC News - Father and son in court over Dinsmore and Graham murders
  12. R

    Allocated seating starts with Easyjet

    Allocated seating on Easyjet flights starts in November on some routes !! Allocated seating on all flights |
  13. S

    90/180 starts 1/2/12

    Still reckon the rules seem a bit crappy Rush for new RPs I reckon
  14. suzyq

    Cash ban starts in Turkey after new rules

    Hundreds of thousands of consumers in Turkey have been forbidden from withdrawing cash unless they pay off some of their debt, according to new rules from the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK)..... Cash ban starts in Turkey after new rules - Hurriyet Daily News
  15. L

    Tips to take advantage of high tl rate before season starts

    Hi Not coming out till beg May and would like to take advantage of the high exchange rate at the moment, however dont have any £'s in my HSBC account to convert. I know its been covered and did a search but nothing came up... What would be the most cost effective way to send out pounds now to a...
  16. Andy

    Silly things you do when your memory starts to go ?

    2 things iv'e done today which annoyed me as i don't like to think my memory is on it's way out lol & i suppose many people do the same kind of thing. 1st i put the milk in the oven :loco: 2nd i grabbed the washing up brush to stir my tea. :help: And believe me there are many more stupid...
  17. C

    Health Seminar season starts at Bodrum Hospital

    Hi all had this land in my mail box and thanks Des for the nudge- I should post it here. The winter seminars are useful and free, and over a free cup of coffee or tea you sometimes discover TLF people ! Des and Dave? SEMINAR SEASON STARTS AT ÖZEL BODRUM HASTANESİ Tues 30th Nov 2.30pm COSMETIC...
  18. D

    Table Tennis at Cafe Karadut in Gumusluk Starts on 22nd November

    Table Tennis competitions will start on this coming Monday the 22nd November. All welcome from 7pm. Cafe Karadut is behind the Mosque and Post Office in Gumusluk village. Gulay looks forward to meeting you 0533 733 4528
  19. P

    Inquest starts today.

    The inquest into the London bombings of 7/7/05 begins today,eventually. MI5 officers to give evidence to 7/7 inquiry - Telegraph
  20. Mushtaq

    Midlife crisis starts at 35, according to Relate

    The midlife crisis now starts at 35, according to a survey that found people in their thirties and forties are unhappier than any other age group. By Martin Beckford Published: 7:01AM BST 29 Sep 2010 A fifth of those between 35 and 44 said they were lonely or had suffered depression, while...
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